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Molly (Bearded Collie)
Current Mood Bouncy
Age 11 years
Birthday December 1, 2003
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Geese
Favorite Activity Chasing geese!
Number of Friends 568
500 Friend Badge
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A blurb hey? Um I love my kong..........will anyone play kon...
Friends 600


Hi! I sure am glad Mommy is doing this! I hope you will be my friend. I love to heard and bark! I love it when Mommy grooms me to! I get to stand on a table when we do that! That is sooooo much fun! I hope we get to do walkis today! That's fun too. Join us if you can!

about me

Mommy rescued me from a place in Chicago! They told Mommy she is my 3rd home. No one understands Beardies like my mom! They said NO KIDS! I like kids! If they would just stand still! Ask Kaylee! She stood still and gave me treats......she was 8 years old and great! I wished she would run with me. I love to run and let my hair fluff in the breeze! When Mom got me it was from a place right under the "L" tracks. Everyone should spend time there! Mom says I'm not afraid of thunderstorms because I got used to the train! You take care! Cant wait to meet you! Lots of Love!

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Happy Barkday, sweet Molly! Love, Blazer
Birthday Cake from Prince
Happy 6th Birthday! Love,Prince,Gabby & Angel
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Happy Birthday Love Jada Ming Tempy and Frank
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My Journal

Posted on: 6 years ago

If anyone here ever read about my brother.........Mom keeps taking him to class. Well guess what? Now she started taking me!!!! I guess I have to show them BOTH what to do!!! And they say GSDs are smart!!! ;)


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