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Snooky (Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Current Mood Rockin
Age 9 years
Birthday October 5, 2005
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Squeekers
Favorite Activity Chewing bones
Number of Friends 483
100 Friend Badge
Daisy the amazing Pekingese. I am a Black, white and tan Pek...
Friends 306


I'm Snooky - a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I'm almost 8 human years old and I have a little sister and I love to eat. I also love to run and bite tennis balls. And, did I mention I like to eat? 

about me

Hi, I'm Snooky. Snooky means 'my darling' in Yiddish and I am a darling. I'm named after a long line of Snookys owned by my owner and her parents. I'm a Pembroke Welsh Corgi though I don't conform to the 'standard.'  My mum thinks I looke like a Swedish Vallhund but with the white and fawn Corgi markings. I'm just my own dog - I defy description.

I like to ride in the car, play, run and catch with my humans, sniff the pet rabbit, eat the rabbit's turds, chew the heck out of bones, chase balls, bite ankles, and stuff like that. I have a very nice family with a few kids and a couple adults. We always have fun even when we're sleeping.

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Happy Birthday! ~Milly, Diesel and Dub~
Birthday Cake from Nita (RIP) 10/99-8/2010
happy b-day:) enjoy
Birthday Cupcakes from Unnamed
Happy Birthday, Snooky!
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Thank you for the birthday wishes

Posted on: 1 year ago

I had a great day yesterday on my 8th birthday. Extra walkies and some treats and LOTS of extra scratches. XO


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