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Call (Border Collie)
Current Mood Accomplished
Age 18 years
Birthday April 20, 1996
Gender Female
Favorite Toy my black bear
Favorite Activity Jeepin, frisbee, hanging out with my Mom & Sister
Number of Friends 191
100 Friend Badge
I am loved and adored. I have friends & family.
Friends 179


My Mom says I am the smartest & most beautiful Border in the World!!!

about me

I am a 12 year old Border Collie who is worshipped by my Mom. She has had me since I was 4 weeks old. I love to play in the water, carry the sprinkler around & ride in Jeeps. My favorite thing in life is a frisbee although I seem to lack great eye-paw coordination--but that doesn't matter because I just love to play. I have a sister named Sage who I love even though that wasn't always the case. Mom & I were doing fine & then one day when I was 5 she brought me a baby sister home. She idolizes me & loves me too. We love to play & run around the yard. We love being in the mountains & in the snow. Sage is my best friend, but I also have 2 more friends who live upstairs, they are Scruffy & Frank. They are very cool and we love hanging out. We like to go for walks and ride in the Jeep.

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Doing lots better since Vestibular Disease

Posted on: 6 years ago

I might always have the head tilt--but my eyes are fine & I can walk a straight line again. My Mom is so relieved. And to all of you out there---if they say your Dog has had a stroke--make sure it's not Vestibular Disease instead--most dogs recover 100% or are left with a slight head tilt.


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