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I was an 11-year cancer survivor with all holistic medicine who lived to be 19.

As you can imagine, my mom and I learned a few things about alternative health care from that valuable experience. There's even a book about us called, The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood, where you can read all about how we got rid of that nasty cancer and surprised everyone!

I lived in Chicago, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and Tucson. My passions included eating home-cooked organic food and hiking.

I just want all you doggers living long, healthy, and happy lives like I did. When your time does come, I will be here to welcome you with a wag and an organic treat at The Bridge. I hope it's NO time soon. XOXO


Please feel free to stop by my mom's BLOG.  Lots of interesting dog info. to help have a long and healthy life like I did.

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Bear Balloons from Prince
"Happy Birthday 2014"! Love, Prince,Gabby & Angel
Bear Balloons from Francis, Willow, Capone, Tramp and Rascal at the Rainbow Bridge
Happy Birthday my dear sweet Buttons! Sending lots of love to your mom on this day.
Angel from Dit,Olivia,Al, and angel Roxy....The Bassets
Happy Birthday Buttons
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Birthday Gifts For EVERYONE!!!

Posted on: 4 years ago

Thank you all for remembering me on my birthday anniversary with your loving comments and gifts!!!!! We will be partying heartily this weekend at The Bridge (ok- we ALWAYS party here at The Bridge!). For those of you who are interested, in honor of my special day (starting Saturday), my mom will be having "a party" on our blog: offering drastically reduced rates on holistic pets/toxic-free lifesty...


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