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Otto (Rottweiler)
Current Mood Peaceful
Age 17 years
Birthday November 3, 1997
Gender Male
Favorite Toy RIP - November 9, 2006
Number of Friends 158
100 Friend Badge
"I am Handsome and Available" Love to Dig BIG holes and cha...
Friends 824


                "Otto Von Amajen Kraemer"     11-03-97  -  11-09-06

RIP  - Went to Rainbow Bridge on November 9, 2006 from cancer. I had a wonderful life with my family who loved me very much. 

about me

I was born on November 3, 1997 and my Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister came to my breeder, Amajen Rottweilers in Bushkill, Pa. and took me home on December 27, 1997. I lived a wonderful life with them and had so much fun until I got very sick in July of 2006 when I was diagnosed with lymphoma. I was doing very well on medication until late October, then finally went to Rainbow Bridge on November 9th, 2006. My family was very sad and lonely without me so they went and got my brother, Bruno Von Amajen Kraemer. He has taken the sadness away from my family but I know they will never forget me and always love me.

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Angel from My Angel Bailey
Angel dog, you haveearned your wings
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Bless My Dear Sweet Otto

Posted on: 6 years ago

Rest in Peace - 11/03/1997 to 11/09/2006   My Best Friend who gave me 9 years of love, friendship and companionship...he was a dear sweet boy.I will always remember him.


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  • Unnamed (Dec 21st 9:54 am)
  • Abel (4 years ago)

    Happy Birthday dear angel fur-riend! Sending hugs to the Bridge! Woof, Brothers Kaine & Abel

  • Angel Shakira, 2008-2014 (4 years ago)

    have a very happy bridge birthday handsome

  • Angel Shakira, 2008-2014 (5 years ago)

    Have a very happy bridge birthday handsome!!

  • Angel Apollo Xavier (2003-2009) (5 years ago)

    happy bark-day

  • Abel (5 years ago)

    Happy Birthday to our special angel fur-riend Otto! Our doggy cousin Mac is also there at the Bridge. You two can pawty (party) with the rest of the angels. Woof, Brothers Kaine & Abel

  • Mr. Whimpers -Deputy policeman of Doggyville (5 years ago)

    Hola Mr. O. me sends u bigger Chi hugses fur u b-day. me hopes u likes runs rounds in all flowers at bridge.

  • Abel (6 years ago)

    Hi Otto! My doggy cousin Mac (a Westie) crossed over to Rainbow Bridge last August. I hope you two can get together for a play date!

  • Angel Bubba (6 years ago)

    Hi Otto! Thanks so much for being my friend! Have you met Angel Moose yet?? He's alot of fun. Please join our new group, Rottweilers International. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Santana (6 years ago)

    Very proud to have you as a friend, Otto. Your a beautiful Angel. I know you are with all the other doggies watching over us all. My brother, Rusty is there too. Peace & Love....~Santana~

  • Emmy My Angel (6 years ago)

    Ho Otto, my Rainbow Bridge friend, we sure are having fun here.Let's go play by the brooks. woofs.

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