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Millie (Pug)
Age 15 years
Birthday October 16, 1999
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Lil PUG
Favorite Activity sWIMMING
Number of Friends 97

about me

Welcome to my doggy space. My name is Millie. Im a pug and I love to chase birdes. This pug is like no other i swim,i walk on two legs and best of all im very lazy and love to sleep. my owner will leave to go to school and illl be sleeping and when she comes home ill be in the same spot she left me in. she loves me but i eat alot of food my favorite food is steak especially t-bone steak. I dont like toysomuch or treats but i love people food and my Lil pug chew toy ihve a favorite raft and that is a big blue chair swimming is my favorite thing to do if you wanna know more leave me a question ill be glad to message you back and answer it!


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