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ava (Chihuahua)
Current Mood Cheerful
Age 5 years
Birthday June 10, 2009
Gender Female
Favorite Toy my owner
Favorite Activity licking up my owners nose
Number of Friends 425
100 Friend Badge
Friends 6


i like having fun and having food


about me

i am hyper dog that likes to run around in circles and chase cats but playing with my owners mat and sara is awesome.i am brown and black .i am so hyper all the time my owners have to pick me up and i love chipmunks and i love love love sara.

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Birthday Cake from Unnamed
Happy Birthday! ~The Rat Pack
Heart from Mollie-Now at Rainbow Bridge
Luv from Rainbow Bridge for my new furiend.
Dry Dog Food from Tilly
A special treat for a new furiend.
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my birthday

Posted on: 6 years ago

every body is so nice of remembering my birthday they are the best


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