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Cricket (Miniature Pinscher)
Current Mood Bouncy
Age 6 years
Birthday October 27, 2007
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Furry fox toy three times longer than me.
Favorite Activity Jumping,hopping and running fast.
Favorite Food Chicken
Pet-Peeves I like to be the boss.
Tricks Follow mommy everywhere.
Number of Friends 152
100 Friend BadgeRunt - Not too shy to talk!


We are chewing our cow hooves.I'm on the right and mini mouse on the left.

about me

Here I am in my fav place in the sun with my fav fox furry toy I drag thru the house.

And here is my big sis Jesse that I keep in line and take care of.She has the cleanest ears and eyes of any doggy.

latest gifts and journal entries

Bear Letter from Holly
Thank you for making my birthday special, Cricket! Love, Holly
With Love from Buddy, our precious Angel
Thank you for your nice comments on my thank-you journal
Birthday Cake from ANNA NICOLE
happy dawgy day sending you lots of birthday woves
All journal entries

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my Fur friends!

Posted on: 10 months ago

Hope you are all having a fun relaxing Thanksgiving Day!


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  • Unnamed (Sep 21st 12:00 am)
  • TINY 🐾 (5 months ago)

    Hi there Cricket wowwww that must of been a sight to see and that's definitely heaven sent cranes are known to be the bird of happiness :) that's pretty amazing tell your mommy my mom is doing better she still misses me very much but she is doing better she has many great memories with me and she knows she has a little angel who will always watch over her. Thanks for checking in on me and my mommy friend and watch out for those Cranes

  • T.J. (6 months ago)

    Hi Cricket, so nice to meet you, say you are cute as pie, but you know that right, have a good night my friend, little dog hugs T. J. !

  • Hannah Banana (6 months ago)

    Hi Cricket, nice to meet you.i look forward to our barks and furiendship.

  • Cinnamon (7 months ago)

    I love cow hooves to chew too! Mummy won't let me bring them in the house because she says they stink!! xx

  • Cinnamon (10 months ago)

    Hello beautiful xx

  • Buddy, our precious Angel (10 months ago)

    Hi, Cricket. You are welcome, my sweet friend.

  • Gracie Mae (11 months ago)

    You are so welcome, sweet friend! Oh, I just love your sweet picture of you with your Halloween outfit on! Oh, that sounds like the perfect day, and I bet that cottage cheese was yummy!

  • Angel Tommy Tunes 6/6/97 - 8/28/14 (11 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Cricket!!! Tommy & Freddy

  • Angel Foley Monster (11 months ago)

    You are very welcome Cricket. We had a big party for you yesterday. I don't know if you could hear all the Angels singing happy birthday to you. We tried to sing at a pitch only you could hear so I hope it worked. We have been looking in the river of life watching you snoozing in your fenced in area. You are very cute. Enjoy your cottage cheese.

  • Megan (11 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Cricket....Hope you have a wonderful day...enjoy it ..its all yours....hope you have lots of treats, and things you like...

  • Diva LaVega - Scooter's Girl <3 (11 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Cricket!!!!

  • Angel Foley Monster (11 months ago)

    Happy birthday sweet Cricket

  • Molly   (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl) is online! Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl) (11 months ago)

    Happy Birthday sweet Cricket!!! We hope you have a spooky Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful time of year to be a Birthday Girl! Thanks for the Gottcha Day wishes. Yups I'm with you this is a fabulous time of year to be born or have a Gottcha Day. Love, Molly and my Mom

  • Prince (11 months ago)

    "Happy 6th Birthday 2013" Crickett! Have a pawsome day! xoxoxox Prince

  • Gracie Mae (11 months ago)

    Happy Birthday, sweet Cricket! Love, Gracie, Buddy, Holly, Keegan, Andy, Barney, Angel Keri, Angel Jondalar and Angel Muffin

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