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Current Mood Loved
Age 20 years
Birthday September 13, 1994
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Squeeky Hedgehog and Pumkin Face Pillow
Favorite Activity Going to the lake with my true love, Angel Ladybug and holding paws
Favorite Food Marrowbones and Pop Corn Chicken
Pet-Peeves Liars and Cheats
Tricks Flying down to Earth to Give Kisses
Number of Friends 780
500 Friend BadgeScout - Familiar around these parts!

about me

I found an old Indian proverb for my parents so they wouldn't feel so bad:
"The Soul would have no Rainbow if the Eyes had No Tears. 

Love you guys.  Sparkman

April 1, 2009

Hi Guys, I am having a wonderful time at the Rainbow Bridge.  It is so beautiful here and there are lots of things to do.  I am watching over all of you so you will be safe.  I miss my mommy and know she is sad but I am her Guardian Angel now so I will never leave her side.  Thanks for being friends with me.  May the angels guard you through the night. 

Love Sparkman and his Mommie



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Valentine Angel Heart from Pokey
Love you!
Birthday Cupcakes from Willie Nillie...Handsome Angel
Happy Birthday! xoxoxo Angel Willie, Jessie, Roscoe and Angel Kristi K
Bear Letter from Holly
Thank you for making my birthday special, Angel Sparkman and Mommie Ruth! Love, Holly
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Update on my Mommy

Posted on: 4 weeks ago

11/24/14 Happy Tthanksgiving everyone.  Please promise me you won't gobble till you wobble. Mommie went to the heart doctor on Wednesday , her lungs were filled with lots of fluid.  He increased her water pill.  She had a horrible cough, still does, but the doctor changed her medicine and said it would stop her coughing.  Nope, I am praying her cough will go away.  She...


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  • Unnamed (Dec 21st 12:23 am)
  • Sushi (1 day ago)

    HI !!! THANK-YOU so so much for the beautiful Christmas card !! We sure hope everything is well with you and hope you have a Very Merry Christmas !!

  • Bentley (4 weeks ago)

    Hey buddy Angel Sparkmann - my Mom sent our Mom a message on FB - we sent you a Halloween card, but it came back because I guess my Mom had a bad address. Could you send my Mom the new address so she doesn't screw up your Christmas card. We didn't want you to think we forgot about you!

  • Jazzmin (2 months ago)

    Thank you so very much Sparkman and Mommie Ruth fur my Halloween card. It was really nice of you to remember us. Mom just got out of the hospital she got a new knee and hasn't been able to get me any Halloween cards. But know that she's on the road to recovery we can get back to visiting with all our DS furends. We are also so glad to hear that you are doing better Mommie Ruth have a pawsome trick or treat day xoxo

  • Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester (2 months ago)

    Hi Angel Sparkman! We wanted to stop by and thank you and Mommy Ruth for the super cute Halloween card! I'll be keeping an eye on all of those tricksters on Halloween!!! Take care my friend and thanks again for thinking of us!

  • ♥ Scooby ♥ (2 months ago)

    Hello Angel Sparkman, we want to thank you for the cute Halloween card, it made us giggle. Hope you have a happy and safe Hallowen. BBS. Scooby, Odie and Angel Rusty

  • ♥ Rusty my Angel ♥ (2 months ago)

    I'm glad that you came and you had lots of fun!! You sure know how to have a great time Angel Sparkman, heehee. Here have some more cake

  • Henry (2 months ago)

    Oh my sweet Angel Sparkman and mommie Ruth, we got your cute Halloween card today! Thank you sooo much!!! Mom has been busy getting settled back here in AZ, and even forgot about Halloween, so she ran right out and bought some cards for some of my very special furiends! So have Mommy Ruth watch for the mail in a few Days! And we are sooo glad she is doing better!

  • Jessie Belle (2 months ago)

    Thank you for the pawsome Halloweenie card!

  • Pokey (2 months ago)

    there should be a microphone icon. You can also go to setting and change the accessabilities to speech to type 9word). Mom'll have to look at her Ipad

  • Roscoe (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday sweeet Angel!

  • Angel Foley Monster (3 months ago)

    Huge Bridge birthday party planned for you my friend. YU're going to have a great time.

  • Presley (3 months ago)

    Happy, Happy Birthday to our dearest of angel friends. We just know that Tag and Atlas did something extraordinary to celebrate. Fly down tonight and give your Mommy special kisses. She loves you so much!

  • Leo (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Angel Sparkman...

  • Precious Our Angel (RIP) 6-20-05~7-18-09 (3 months ago)

    "Happy Birthday" our sweet little friend.. come on over later to our cloud and have some angelfood cake!xoxoxoox Precious & Tasha

  • Prince (3 months ago)

    "Happy Birthday 2014" Angel Sparkman! Heard that you and Tommy Tunes are celebrated big this year! Have a very special day! xoxoxo Prince,Gabby & Angel

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