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Cocoa (Poodle)
Current Mood Loved
Age 9 years
Birthday February 24, 2005
Gender Female
Favorite Toy piggy
Favorite Activity kissing mommy
Number of Friends 67
Cocoa and Chanelle are so posesive of mommy, but lately i wa...
Friends 53
Mommy says that i'm her little girl, she calls me precious, ...
Friends 65


Mommy has a new job and she doesn't seem as stressed and tired as she used to be.  She gets us more treats and toys too. It's been raining a lot so we don't spend much time outside at the park. I want the weather to be nice again.

about me

My name is Cocoa my mommy says I'm a mocha Latte poodle. I"m a spoiled princess and my mommy loves me very much. I have a brother and a sister, Rocko and Chanelle. Younger siblings are cool but they tend to cramo my style when I want to make new friends. But if I'm ever in a scuffle i can count on them to back me up ( by making lots of noise from a distance so that mommy can come to my rescue).

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To all my new and old friends.

Posted on: 6 years ago

I would like to tell I my new friends how greatful i am to have you all as friends.. You are all cute doggies and I'm happy to be your friend.Cocoa


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