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Boots (Shih Tzu)
Current Mood Fabulous
Age 14 years
Birthday August 1, 2000
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Beaver Hand Puppet
Favorite Activity Wrinkling up the rugs in my house and snuggling with my family!
Number of Friends 192
100 Friend Badge


Oh how i love food and treats!   I love to be petted and rubbed and snuggled, too! My only demand is that you love me.

about me

I am the top dog of my house. I live very comfortably with my best friend Jenna and my human parents Susie and Sam.  I was rescued about 8 years ago after wandering around for quite awhile. My new Dad brought me home from the rescue and gave me a bath - I was sooooooo dirty.  I follow my best friend around whenever she's home and I sleep at the foot of her bed.  I love everyone that comes into my home.  I especially love the humans that don't really like me at all.  I love the challenge of making them love me!!!!
My Mommy gives me the best belly rubs and massages and Daddy loves to play with me an rile me up!  I am friendly toward everyone I meet. I love car rides and going for walks!
I'm not too keen on walking on the grass especially if it's wet.  I usually walk on the curb whenever I go out.  I like other animals....ALOT!  I walk and lay all over all the furniture in my home.  My best friend dresses me up and makes little houses for me out of cardboard boxes.  Sure they look a little ghetto but she makes them with so much love and I really like to chill inside them on my favorite blanky.


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