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Bear (Chihuahua)
Current Mood Bored
Age 10 years
Birthday November 17, 2004
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, and Stuffed Animals
Favorite Activity Licking...
Number of Friends 193
100 Friend Badge
My favorite Hobbies are, Eating and Playing, Just when you ...
Friends 205


I am Bear, also known as Bear Bear, Papa Bear, and harbour seal.

about me

I am Bear, also known as Bear Bear, Papa Bear, and harbour seal. My parents say, I am the most loving, laidback Boy. I am the oldest of four pups. I currently live with my bratty little brother Tuffay. I also have a sister Gidget, and another brother Baxter. I am the papa bear, and head of the household. I have many skills, but mainly I am a Licker. I can lick with the best of them. I really enjoy the French lick, the up the nose lick, and the in the ear lick. I think my favorite is the between Daddy's toes lick. Un like my brother, I am very laid back, and content in life. I have been loved, and taken care of all my life, and as such, I have no fears. I enjoy being cradled in my daddy's arms, as I lick his face. I am very excited to meet new friends.

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Birthday Cupcakes from ♥ Phoebe ♥
Here is a cup cake for you and one for each of your siblings XOXOXOX
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