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~Phoebecakes ~ Customs ~ (Labrador Retriever)
Current Mood Loved
Age 7 years
Birthday November 11, 2007
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Anything
Favorite Activity Playing with Mia
Number of Friends 740
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Hello my name is Phoebe....but my human sister calls me Phoebecake and mum calls me naughtyful.... I dont know why. I am 10 months old and love playing with anyone and anything. I look forward to making friends.

about me

I live in Melbourne with my family. I have only just been officially become a permanent member of this family. I was in training to be a drug detector dog but things didnt work out for me and so it was decided that I be put up for adoption. Mum  couldn't get to pick me up quick enough and sign the papers. Dad often teases me and says that I am a TF ( total failure) and that upsets mum. So now I am officially known as Phoebecakes Naughtyful Customs Jones. My life is complete. Love and Wags and Barks from Phoebe.

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Posted on: 5 years ago

Hi there everyone. Mum has entered me in a competition and says if I win she will donate all prizes to the Pets Haven sanctuary...If you all have the time and can lend a helping hand it would be great.LOve,Phoebecakes.Here is the link:


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