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Cranberry (American Pit Bull Terrier)
Current Mood Calm
Age 7 years
Birthday September 30, 2007
Gender Female
Favorite Toy My Teddy
Favorite Activity Playin with other doggies
Number of Friends 174
100 Friend Badge
Hi there!
Friends 162


 Cranberry is the new uhhh hmm let me think i am the new Pink ;)

about me

 Hi my name is cranberry i am 12 months old and am gorgeous you can see that duh! Anyways i first lived with a couple but they divorced then i went into foster care! I am very well socalized since i have lived with 2 dogs and a few cats before i am know in a home with 3 other dogs and children. I have been to traning classes i walk great of leash! I LOVE to Play,Play! I am always in a good mood and can be a coach potato when i am exhausted from playing of course :)

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Birthday Cupcakes from Nita (RIP) 10/99-8/2010
happy b-day :) enjoy
Birthday Cupcakes from Romeo
Happy Birthday from Chipper, Cooper and me!
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Cutie lookin for her boy

Posted on: 6 years ago

 Hey its Cranberry! I just dropped by to say i am single well duh! I wouldn't be postin here if i wasn't well anyways i am singley and would like to get to know some boy pups ;) Comment if you are intrested!


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