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Zus (German Shepherd Dog)
Current Mood Breezy
Age 8 years
Birthday July 30, 2006
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Tennis Balls
Favorite Activity Fetch without giving the ball back, Go between legs
Number of Friends 691
500 Friend Badge
King of the beast! AKA-- the tom kitty you fell for! AKA--- ...
Friends 541
Better than Queen, better than King. Kitty thinks she is a G...
Friends 538


Looking for a handsome sheperd? Look no further, here I am!

about me

Once upon a time, there was a young maiden lived in a small apartment in Kentucky. ---- fast forward--- Then I came in her life as a Charismas Present!! All handsome and beautiful, with my 1 ½ year full-blood German shepherd mighty attitude, I protected her from day one! Till this day, she brags about how safe she feels about my security system! I am the best in the world! Ha! You cannot beat that!

“Zusy. Come here for a second.”

You see, she is calling me again.  Mom is so dependent on me that she can’t live if I am not next to her!


…. So, Mom told me not to lie about my profile. I was not.  Exaggerating a bit.  Maybe.

Mom adopted me when I was a year and half. Like all the pups, I was hyper and somewhat wild mannered. Mom took me to doggy class and together we learned and grow closer. I am an one man dog (in this case, it makes me a Mama’s boy) , and am totally faithful to her. Mom calls me “Brat” because I don’t listen to other people very well. When you are tough looking like me, you can’t just go around wagging tails and giving kisses to everybody! (I do that to dog friendly ladies only)

I live with Mom’s fancy kitty cats (See Fiver and Halley). She invites visitors and my dog friends over sometimes, but they all needs to be cookie inspected before entering. Going to Bark Park and doggy class is my weekly routine. I love what I do and am a happy pooch!

DoggySpace Survey

1. What is your name? – Titan Von Zus –Just call me Zus or Zusy!
2. Why were you named that? – I don’t know. My first human named me so. And Mom thinks they misspelled Zeus!!
3. How old are you? – Almost 3 years old! That would be a 21 years for human?
4. What color are your eyes? -- Brown
5. What breed are you? -- German Shepherd Dog
6. Where do you live? -- Florence KY
7. Does your Mom or Dad have a MySpace? -- My Mom does, but she forgot her password and rarely logs in! BOL
8. Do you like car rides? – I love it!! The backseat is reserved for me only!! We play “Go find our car” game every time we go to the parking lot!

9. Where do you go in cars? – Pets Mart, Dog Park, Dog trainings, Anywhere Mom goes that allows me to go with her – includes couple BBQ parties this year!
10. Do you talk a lot? – All the time, until Mom tell me to “Shut Up!”
11. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being high) how smart are you? – Most of the time 8! Sometimes 3! (Mom says so….I don’t know…I think I am 10 or higher!)

12. Do you have any brothers and sisters? – 1 cat sister (Halley) and 1 cat brother (Fiver)

13. What is your favorite food? – Chicken!! And Mom’s hand made “Natural Chicken liver treats”
14. What is the worst thing you have ever done? – I ate a recliner leg… *chuckle*

15. Can you know any tricks? – Shake (left and right), roll over, Bang! (I play dead), pickapoo, Jump over a knee. And we are working for more
16. What is your favorite snack? – Mom’s hand made “Natural chicken liver treat” or any liver cookies!
17. What is your favorite hobby? – Talking to Mom and guarding my beloved tennis balls

18. Where is your favorite place or places to go? – Hiking
19. Do you have a best friend? – Girl best friend-Alley Pooh, Boy best friend-Long leg Lui

20. Where do you sleep? – Next to the main door

21. Do you have a favorite toy? – Squeaky tennis ball material thing

22. What is the best thing you did for your Mommy? – Unconditional love! And guard her 24-7

23. Do you like swimming? – Yes, when I am in the mood! Just toss the tennis ball in the water then I will dive in!
24. What do you do when no one is looking? – Nobody knows, and I am not telling *chuckle*
25. Are you friendly? – To the pretty ladies only
26. Do you bite? – Only when I am really mad! I tried to bite a really annoying dog once and mistakenly bit Mom’s leg. It took her a week to stop bleeding.
L I have not bit anyone since.

27. Do you like the vet? – It is okay, they gave me cookies.
28. Have you been to a pet store? – Every time Mom goes, I do too!
29. What does your collar look like? – Currently, a baby PINK leather one with my name on it. ( I have a whole Pink collar collection. Real man wears PINK!!)

30. What is the coolest thing you have ever done? – Doggy training! I was such a bad boy when I started, my trainer thought me and Mom were not going to make it!! There are so many times me and Mom rolled on the training floor! Haha!





latest gifts and journal entries

4/3/11 Hi, how would you like to be friends with an Angel? I would love to watch over you, I know you watch over your Mommie but sometimes you might need me. Love you & ur Mom, Angel Sparkman
Witch Hat from Unnamed
Thanx for being our furiend! ~The Rat Pack~
Birthday Bear from Jazzmin
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RECIPE!!! Zusy’s favorite doggy Treats (Natural Chicken Liver Dog Treats)

Posted on: 5 years ago

Zusy’s favorite doggy Treats (Natural Chicken Liver Dog Treats) 8 oz/bag --- 8-10 bags     Chicken or Beef liver ---20 oz/ 1.25 lb/567g Chopped Garlic ---1/4 to 1/3 table spoon Olive oil --- 2 table spoon or more Egg --- 1 large or medium Corn meal --- 1 and1/2 cup Wheat Flour --- 2 and1/2 cup or more (until it the dough do not stick in your hand) Chemical X--- also know...


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