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Sono un allegro cagnolino dalla coda riccia. Ho compiuto quattordici anni, ma sono ancora vivace e in forma. Amo saltare, giocare con i miei padroni, abbaiare e corteggiare cagnoline. I'm a fourteen years' old little dog, but I'm still healthy and good-looking. I love my human family; I like jumping, barking and... little dogs (female, of course!)

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Christmas Stocking from REESE
Thanks for the snowflake, Paco! Here's a stocking full of treats, just for you, buddy! Merry Christmas!
Birthday Cupcakes from Maxwell Christopher Napoleon Crème ❤
Happy Birthday, Paco!
Birthday Cupcakes from Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester
Happy Birthday Paco and cheers to many more...
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Mums' meeting

Posted on: 1 year ago

Dear friends, my mum is so excited! This afternoon she will meet in Florence Christine, the Nazario pack's mum! She can't wait! Christine and a friend of her are in vacation in Italy! I love these meetings! Love paco


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