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Sono un allegro cagnolino dalla coda riccia. Ho compiuto quindici anni, ma sono ancora vivace e in forma. Amo saltare, giocare con i miei padroni, abbaiare e corteggiare cagnoline. I'm a fifteen years' old little dog, but I'm still healthy and good-looking. I love my human family; I like jumping, barking and... little dogs (female, of course!)

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Christmas Stocking from REESE
Thanks for the snowflake, Paco! Here's a stocking full of treats, just for you, buddy! Merry Christmas!
Birthday Cupcakes from Maxwell
Happy Birthday, Paco!
Birthday Cupcakes from Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester
Happy Birthday Paco and cheers to many more...
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Mums' meeting

Posted on: 2 years ago

Dear friends, my mum is so excited! This afternoon she will meet in Florence Christine, the Nazario pack's mum! She can't wait! Christine and a friend of her are in vacation in Italy! I love these meetings! Love paco


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  • Unnamed (Sep 17th 3:28 am)
  • Precious Our Angel (RIP) 6-20-05~7-18-09 (1 week ago)

    Tasha and I are sending you xoxoxoxo Paco.. hope you are feeling better! xoxoxoxo Precious & Tasha

  • Prince (1 week ago)

    Hey Paco how have you been? we haven't heard from you in quite a while.. we know you were going to seethe doc back in July and have been waiting to hear what the results were. Come by and visit.. xoxoxo Prince

  • KOLE (2 weeks ago)

    Greetings, Paco! How are you, buddy? We're still trying not to melt in this end of summer heatwave! We should get some much needed rain this week though! Dad's been laid off for a couple weeks, but he returns to work next Monday, too. Yes, very sad news about Tommy! He and his Dad brought so much fun and joy to DS! It's Labor Day weekend here, so we get a 3 day weekend! woo-hoo! Hope all is well for you and your family! Stay cool, safe and bark when you can, my friend! Ciao! Kole

  • KOLE (1 month ago)

    Hi, Paco! How are you, buddy? Yep, it rained here again this morning! but heat/humidity are right behind the rain! summer's not finished with us yet, BOL! Yep, Reese is my BIG brother now. I came to the family 3 mths. after Meika became an Angel, and Reese was just getting comfortable being an only dog. He's been very accepting of me overall. I'm rather shy and reclusive, but he's trying to teach me how to play and be part of a pack- he's a good brother and role model, except he tries to steal MY toys, BOL! Thanks, we'll try! Wishing you and yours a safe, fun, dry and cool weekend too, my friend! Be good and bark when you can! Ciao, Kole

  • KOLE (1 month ago)

    Hello there, Paco! My birthday was wonderful- Thank You for being a part of it! I got lots of toys and treats. My family and I are doing well and we hope you and yours are the same! We're having a rainy day here today, but we need it, so we won't complain too much. How are things there? Wishing you and yours a safe, fun, and cool end to your week! Bark with ya again soon, my friend! Ciao! Kole

  • KOLE (2 months ago)

    That I do, Paco! Dad taught me that word, just for you, buddy! Hoping you and your family are doing well and staying safe, too! God Bless and bark with you again soon! Ciao! Kole

  • Jasmine (2 months ago)

    I know! BOL It is so cool dat Mum's ancestors come from Italy!

  • Jasmine (2 months ago)

    O, my Mum's great-grandpa is from Italy! Dat is so cool!

  • Jasmine (2 months ago)

    You are very sweet, too, Paco! I am from Mississippi. Wear are you from?

  • Jasmine (2 months ago)

    Tanks for being my furiend!

  • KOLE (2 months ago)

    Yep, born and raised! Except for Dad and my uncle- they were born and raised in Michigan- they moved here about 13 yrs. ago. And yes, The mark Twain national Forest isn't far away! We live in the sw corner of the state, about an hour from Joplin, the town that got hit by an F5 tornado 3 yrs. ago! That's cool! Dad's part Italian- maybe we're distantly related! BOL! Hope your week starts off wonderfully for you and your family! Bark back soon and stay safe! Ciao!

  • KOLE (2 months ago)

    Reese and I live in Springfield, Mo, Paco. Where do you live?

  • KOLE (2 months ago)

    Me, too, Paco! Wishing you and yours a safe, cool, and fun weekend!

  • KOLE (2 months ago)

    Thanks for the friend request,Paco! Hope you are keeping cool and safe! Feel free to visit me or Reese any time! BBS!

  • Angel Nike (5/24/14 - 9/8/14) (3 months ago)

    thx, it is nice to meet you too.

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