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Sono un allegro cagnolino dalla coda riccia. Ho compiuto quindici anni, ma sono ancora vivace e in forma. Amo saltare, giocare con i miei padroni, abbaiare e corteggiare cagnoline. I'm a fifteen years' old little dog, but I'm still healthy and good-looking. I love my human family; I like jumping, barking and... little dogs (female, of course!)

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Birthday Cake from Sophie 6/19/12, Angel Mollie (8/27/08-6/16/12) & Angel Daisy (2/26/00-12/10/08)
Happy Birthday My Friend!! Sophie and Angels Daisy and Mollie
Christmas Stocking from REESE
Thanks for the snowflake, Paco! Here's a stocking full of treats, just for you, buddy! Merry Christmas!
Birthday Cupcakes from Maxwell
Happy Birthday, Paco!
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Thanks to all my friends

Posted on: 2 months ago

Dear friends, I'd like to thank you for all your thoughts and wishes on my birthday... They made it so special... and made me feel loved! I will thank each one of you and I'm so sorry I'm late, but my grandpa is now in hospital in danger of life and my mom is so worried and busy... Please think of me! Love Paco


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