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McKinley (Australian Shepherd)
Current Mood Happy
Age 9 years
Birthday February 11, 2005
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Kong (especially with peanut butter in it)
Favorite Activity playing ball!
Number of Friends 125
100 Friend Badge


blurb? is that some kind of treat? can i eat it? i'll try it... just give me a taste... please? come on... look how cute I am!  I practiced this look in the mirror for hours this afternoon... please? just one bite?

about me

I am a 3 year old black tri Australian Shepherd, I guess I am closer to 3 1/2 now, my birthday is in February.  I was raised at the beach in Southern California. My people and I have been living in NorCal for the past year, but we're moving back to the beach in a couple months - we can't wait!  I love to play ball, play frisbee, go running with my people, go to the dog park, hiking, camping, road trips, and I went in the water at the beach for the first time not too long ago - check out my video of that (still not sure how I feel about being wet though). 

I love people, other dogs, my toys, and definitely treats - lots of those. My family says I'm spoiled, but I don't think so - all dogs should have homemade treats, and where else would I sleep if not on the bed? My people take good care of me so I try to behave my very best in return. Sometimes I even do my tricks without being asked just in case maybe they have a treat in their pocket that they want to give me.

latest gifts and journal entries

Dog Bone from Belle & Amber- Southern Gals
McKinely- happy birthday bone from the girls.
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  • Unnamed (Dec 19th 12:32 am)
  • Ruby Rose (5 years ago)

    I hope you have the Yappiest Birthday ever McKinley!

  • Shamus (6 years ago)

    hey McKinleyy - you look like me in a way, lovley, sre you okay today? getting anything nice for xmas? bark backk xx

  • Casey (6 years ago)

    Did your mom get you the treat gumball machine yet? Its at I'm going to get mine back out this weekend. It only took a few minutes to learn!

  • Yoppe (6 years ago)

    Hi Mc Kinley, you have nice colors in your face - thanks for the add

  • Isabelle (6 years ago)

    McKinley, Thanks for being my friend. I love the beach. You will love it once you get use to it. Talk to you soon. Isabelle

  • Jillaroo (6 years ago)

    You're pretty handsome yourself!! You can get the squeaker out of toys??? Man...I need to work on trying that out...although my Mommy might not like it. :)

  • Cici (6 years ago)

    thanks for being my friend please send me a comment

  • Cici (6 years ago)

    thanks for being my friend please send me a comment

  • Sammy (6 years ago)

    Hi McKinley! You are a beautiful boy! You are right, we do look a lot alike! Thanks for adding me as your pal!

  • Foster (6 years ago)

    after I chase the flys and run into windows and furniture as well, I ususally shake them to death and the leave them for Mommy to find.

  • Daisy Castle (6 years ago)

    Thanks for the help! :)

  • Shemp (6 years ago)

    Hey I can get my teeth in it for a while and then it gets flatten, but I am real good at rolling it with my nose and even can kick it...Woof woof!!!

  • Loper J Dog (6 years ago)

    I have a good friend who is a blue merle Aussie. Aussie's rock!

  • Rezy (6 years ago)

    Isn't the beach just the greatest?? Thanks for being my friend. ^..^

  • Shemp (6 years ago)

    Hey McKinley.....Try getting a basketball and play with your mom or dad and also play keep away with it.....that is really fun!!!!

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