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Bandit (German Shepherd Dog)
Current Mood Playful
Age 7 years
Birthday December 30, 2006
Gender Male
Favorite Toy balls
Favorite Activity digging
Number of Friends 402
100 Friend Badge


Hi everyone!  My name is Bandit and I will be 2 years old on December 30.  I love playing with other dogs and my mom and dad.  I am a very lucky dog because I get to go to day care during the week while my mom and dad are at work.  I get to play all day with my friends and then go home, have dinner and fall asleep in bed with my mom and dad.  On weekends, my parents take me to the park where I get to chase birds and dig in the dirt.  That is my favorite thing, to dig big, deep holes, in search of something exciting! 

about me

I live in Savannah, Georgia, and love spending my weekends with my parents, going to the park or for bike rides!

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Hi Bandit - Thought I would send you a present! Have Fun!
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Posted on: 6 years ago

I don't know what "Friday" is, but I can tell you my mom and dad were in good moods this morning!  My mom said I have daycare today, but tomorrow we are going to the dog park!  I love the dog park.  I get to play with all my friends and dig, dig, dig!!!!!  Everyone have a great weekend!


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