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minnie (Beagle)
Current Mood Excited
Age 6 years
Birthday July 15, 2008
Gender Female
Favorite Toy rope
Favorite Activity going for a walk
Number of Friends 49
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hi, i am a beagle named Minnie who lives in Virginia Beach Virginia.

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about me

I was a present for my master who is 12 but i reaaly belong to the whole family. I have a large family 4 humans ,4 cats, and 1 ferret.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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The Joy of Sharing from Mouse, Scooter, Teenie, Rabbit and "Angel" Crickette (The Min Pin Gang)
We want to say thank you for doing what you did to get Max and LeAra to their furever loving home......Paws up to you.....Ruv The Min Pin Gang
Birthday Cake from Angel Star, Angel Jake, Taz. Jazzy & Emma
Happy Birthday Minnie, hope it was great. Star Jake and Taz
Dog Bone from Belle & Amber- Southern Gals
Minnie- yummy for the birthday tummy
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you won't beleive what she did

Posted on: 5 years ago

i can't believe what my mom did today, she gave me a bath. I am still not speaking to her she said i smelled like a dog. well what should i smell like a money . on a good note i got to go with her to take my nate to school and then she stopped at the store. I like when she goes to the store because i usually get something, today we shared a beef stick.yum yum. Hope everybody has a great


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  • Unnamed (Dec 19th 7:12 am)
  • Boris & Minnie (4 years ago)


  • Boudica (4 years ago)

    Hi Minnie, I just stopped by to wish you a very happy birthday filled with lots of toys and treats .

  • Angel Shakira, 2008-2014 (4 years ago)

    have a very happy birthday girlfriend

  • Angel Apollo Xavier (2003-2009) (4 years ago)

    winging down from rainbow bridge to wish you a happy bark-day

  • Angel Spike R.I.P. 4-21-2013 (4 years ago)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! from the Colorado Gang-Doc,Buddy,Spike and Misti

  • Poochie (5 years ago)

    hi Minnie, things are looking up here, I am getting back to my normal self and doing things mommy forgot I used to do. Like jumping too far, she keeps telling me to stop it cause she does not want me to get hurt again. I still have the boo boo on my foot, it will not go away. Mommy says its due to me biting it at night time so now she is putting socks on me when we go nite nite. BOL! How was your turkey day? ours was great. Bark at ya later, love, Poochie

  • Poochie (5 years ago)

    Minnie!! Sorry I have not been here to add you yet, things have been hectic. Remeber how great I was looking and feeling when you came to see me Saturday? Well, that is not the case now. Good thing I got that bath! Anyways, the surgery yesterday was harder on me than mommy was hoping for. The dr said that since I was an older dog(geez I'm only 5) that the boys were harder to remove. I have not barked once since coming home and I even went for a RIDE with mommy this morning to get some pee pads and did not make one single sound. Very unusual for me. But I know it will get better in time...thanks again for coming by Saturday it was so nice to meet you and your mommy. I hope we get to hang out again sometime soon. Love & hugs, Poochie & mommy(Donna)

  • Boris & Minnie (5 years ago)

    hey minnie Ii thought ur mom was going to let u bark more often.????

  • Angel Shakira, 2008-2014 (5 years ago)

    I just you for being my friend

  • Boris & Minnie (5 years ago)


  • Boris & Minnie (5 years ago)

    hey minners, tahnks for barkin. yeah i am o critter patrol now everynight and tupper still won't play. we miss ya cous!!!here have a

  • pepsi--resting in peace (5 years ago)

    What did you and your friend do? Other then eat ( a beagle thing)

  • Boris & Minnie (5 years ago)

    hi minners, mom sure does miss you a lot!!!! i kinda do too!! are u feeling any better? bark soon, ok your cousin Maxer Paxer

  • pepsi--resting in peace (5 years ago)

    Minnie......we hope you get better soon........anythng another beagle can do to help you????????? We are here, with paw out in friendship.... I have been through surgery too.....and know what it is like

  • Pokey (5 years ago)

    Hi Minnie!...Hope you feel better real real soon!

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