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Teddy (Yorkshire Terrier)
Current Mood Rockin
Age 6 years
Birthday July 29, 2008
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Grandmas Slippers
Favorite Activity Fetching
Number of Friends 153
100 Friend Badge


Woof Woof Everyone!!! I'm so happy to have my own DoggySpace. I Always see mommy on the computer in Myspace. Now its my turn. Even Though I can't read or write. I know mommy will help me out.

about me

My Name is Teddy.  I am 75% Yorkie & 25% Maltese.  I love to play a lot with mommy. But the best part of all is I love to bother grandma.  They all love me sooo much. 

When mommy is at work, I'm at home doing the biggest mess ever for her to clean when she gets in. "Thats what happens when she leaves me for 8 hours a day". Even though I do such a mess, she forgives me and still loves me.  I'm a very lucky dog to have her in my life.

DoggySpace Survey

1. What is your name? T3ddy
2. Why were you named that? because i looked like a teddy bear to mommy
3. How old are you? 1 years old
4. What colour are your eyes? Brown
5. What breed are you? Morkie (75 Yorkie, 25 Maltese)
6. Where do you live? Bronx, NY
7. Does your Mom have a MySpace? Yes.
8. Do you like car rides? Not so much, I get car sick
9. Where do you go in cars? To the groomer, vet or visit family
10. Do you talk a lot? How about yes, i bark for attention.
11. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being high) how smart are you? I would say an 8. i sure do kno alot but act like i dont, BOL
12. Do you have any brothers and sisters? 2 older brother, and 1 younger brother who passed away. RIP Peanut. and just heard recently i have 3 sisters...woof woof to mommy.
13. What is your favorite food? i only get rice and chicken pellets
14. What is the worst thing you have ever done? Break my WeeWee Pads everyday
15. Do you know any tricks? i know sit, stay and mommy is teaching me to jump.
16. What is your favorite snack? Cookies, yummy!!
17. What is your favorite hobby? Playing and more playing
18. Where is your favorite place or places to go? Im always home but i like to visit my brother sometimes.
19. Do you have a best friend? My mommy and wela are my bestfriends. My brother tazz is also my best friend
20. Where do you sleep? In my crate
21. Do you have a favorite toy? Blues Clues, balls, etc. i got alot
22. What is the best thing you did for your Mommy? Nothing that I know of yet
23. Do you like swimming? I have never been swimming
24. What do you do when no one is looking? Tear things up
25. Are you friendly? Yeah, sometimes
26. Do you bite? Just play bite.
27. Do you like the vet? Its ok, they are really nice there.
28. Have you been to a pet store? Yes to pick up my necessary needs
29. What does your collar look like? i have a blue harness
30. What is the most coolest thing you have ever done? don’t know if its happened yet

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My Bday

Posted on: 5 years ago

Hey Pals,its been a while, but just to let everyone know im going to be 1 years old on the 29th. Im still with mom and she told me its going to be just me and her, daddys was an asshole and he did bad things behind her back. he lucky idk how to travel cuz i would bite his ass..woof i think mommy is buying me a bday cake and i can't wait.Take care puppy pals


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