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Delta (Treeing Walker Coonhound)
Current Mood Relaxed
Age 7 years
Birthday December 31, 2006
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Anything that I can chew, shred, hide and then destroy some more!
Favorite Activity I am a social butterfly. Put me in a park with hundreds of dogs & I am in HEAVEN
Number of Friends 116
100 Friend Badge
I'm new to doggyspace. Will you be my friend?
Friends 99
My sister Boo and I are new to doggyspace, please be our fri...
Friends 103


about me

I'm Delta. I was bred and raised as a hunting dog. I guess I wasn't much of a hunter, so I was eventually discarded. I have had some rough times but those days are all in the past now.

I live in a foster home with two smaller and older dogs. I am learning so much and gaining so many new experiences. I used to be very wound up and anxious but I'm feeling more and more comfortable every day. My foster mom gives me yummy things like string cheese when I do things like "sit." I like that stuff! I also really like raw hides; sometimes my foster mom spreads yogurt or peanut butter and puts them in the freezer--oh they are just so delicious.

I'm good with kids (although I am still learning not to jump). I am absolutely fabulous with other dogs. I haven't been around cats in my current foster home but my mom doesn't think I have a mean bone in my body. I'm all play.

I am housebroken; I whine and scratch at the door when I need to go out. I am learning to sit and wait for my food. It's a work in progress but my foster mom is quite proud of me so far. I do fabulous on road trips. I walk well on a leash.

I'm quite a funny girl. I like to pounce on my toys like a baseball player sliding to base (safe!). I also really love the dog park! I just love other dogs, especially really playful ones. I am a tall and thin athletic girl. My foster mom thinks I could be a model. What do you think?

latest gifts and journal entries

Tennis Ball from Tilly
Thank you for being my friend. I love tennis balls.
Orange Easter Egg from Unnamed
Happy Easter my friend!
Baseball from Jackson Rambo
Here's a new baseball, I hope you like it, Woof's, Jackson
All journal entries

Florida Trip and Easter Weekend

Posted on: 6 years ago

So we took another trip to Florida this past weekend. It was fun. I didn't actually get to go in the sand because dogs aren't allowed on that beach between 9am and 5pm but we walked down the esplanade for hours and met lots of nice people. I had my vest on, too, so I got extra attention. Mom was dumb, she got burnt! After the beach, we met up with Jeremy's mom for lunch. Mom got me a special tr...


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  • Unnamed (Dec 20th 5:46 am)
  • Romeo (5 years ago)

    We hope your Mom does what my Mom did...she fostered me then kept me! This message is from Cooper, actually, but since he just asked for your friendship, he can't make the comment himself!

  • Mr. Whimpers -Deputy policeman of Doggyville (5 years ago)

    Hola Ms. D. How is u. It u b-day. Hapi Hapi B-Days to u. Me hopes u gets lots an lotsa hugses an kisseses an all cake an ice creams u wants eats.

  • Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester (5 years ago)


  • Angel Apollo Xavier (2003-2009) (5 years ago)

    happy bark-day

  • Captain (5 years ago)

    Hi Delta~ It's me...your Treeing Walker Coonhound, Captain...I'm a rescue, too. Did you find a forever home??? I haven't heard from you. I hope you did! How are the new blinds at the house? bol

  • Doxie (6 years ago)

    Hi Delta!! Just wanted to bark hi to a very pretty girl!!

  • Smores (6 years ago)

    I want to wish you a Happy Easter. Keep an eye out for that bunny!

  • Belle & Amber- Southern Gals (6 years ago)

    Mmmm Vittles- dog food, liver snaps, marro-bones, pupperoni, basted chicken snacks, rawhide strips, Momma's carrots, pizza crust, chicken skin, spagetti lickin's out of the bowl, spagetti noodles, this list could go on and wonder we are on a diet these days.

  • Belle & Amber- Southern Gals (6 years ago)

    Hey Delta, You sure do look like a tall Beagle- that's a good thing in our book. Pouncing on your toys sounds like fun, we do that too and the only thing better is to do the same on some tasty vittles! Momma loves your sleeping picture, who do you do that?

  • Captain (6 years ago)

    Hi Delta! I haven't heard from you recently. How are things going? Had any more blinds for appetizers??? bol! Hope all is well with you. Hope your foster mom posts a journal entry soon! I love to hear your ongoing life story! After all, we have similar histories...

  • brandon (6 years ago)

    hey little sister. how was florida? heard you ran along the beach in the ocean. lucky dog. rodney went to his forever home on saturday while you were in sunny florida. he is on doggy space too so look him up. there are only 2 rodneys on here and you know he is the yellow one. love brandon

  • Jake & Tycho (6 years ago)

    Whoa! Look at you're one hot mama! Tycho's heart is beating faster, and Jake is howling. It makes us blush that we're now your friends. Check out our videos at our profile see lots more funny videos at

  • Mouse, Scooter, Teenie, Rabbit and "Angel" Crickette (The Min Pin Gang) (6 years ago)

    Hi thought we would stop in and bark at you and let you know that on February 13th we will be posting a journal it will be the "Valentines Day Marathon Challenge for the Min Pin Rescue" mom is going to donate 10.00 that day to the rescue group and is challenging everyone of our paw friends to donate 10.00 as well to help raise money for the rescue. Hopefully you will be able to support this wonderful cause. Please look for the journal that will be posted over Valentine's Day weekend. Donations can be made at and please let them know it was from the Doggyspace Valentines Day Marathon Challenge. Please keep a sharp eye out for the posting. Thank you Ruv, Mouse, Scooter, Teenie, Rabbit and Mom "The Min Pin Gang"

  • Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester (6 years ago)

    Hi Delta...Thanks for being my friend! You have a great foster Mom and I am sure you will find a forever home where you will be loved and spoiled!!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend...Bark at you later....

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