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sidetrack (German Shepherd Dog)
Age 18 years
Birthday May 3, 1996
Gender Male
Favorite Toy stuffed animals
Number of Friends 20


Mr. Sidetrack

about me

My name is sidetrack my owners(Scott,Pam and Kevin) got me when I was 4 years old. I protect them very well. they feed me good dogfood and they give me treats every now and then. when I was 12 ( I think thats about 60 in dog years ) One night in june of 2008 one of my owners came out to feed me I usally loved to  eat, but that night I didn't feel good. My owner got very worried about me, they waited untill te next day to see if I felt any better. I didnt so they took me to the vet. they were woried because I really didn"t like the vet at all, but I was having trouble breathing and did'nt do too much when we got there. The Doctor x-rayed me and they found a lump in my throat, thats why I was having trouble breathing. The Doctor told my owners that I had cancer and they could remove it but they didn't know if I would make it through the operation because of my age.So they decided to not put me through the pain and put me to sleep, Scott stayed with me untill I was gone, my other oners Pam and Kenin couldent stay they were too sad and crying, they  had to go to the car. We love sidetrack very much, when he was with us and still love him even thow he is in heaven. We miss him very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Remembering you on your birthday!
Angel from Riley
I am so sorry. I know you are doing wonderfully at Rainbow Bridge. Doggy kisses.
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