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Bella & Leo (Australian Shepherd)
Current Mood Blessed
Age 11 years
Birthday September 20, 2003
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Any stuffed animals
Favorite Activity swimming
Number of Friends 16
Bella & Leo
We are a fuzzy couple of love muffins. Bella - "I just want ...
Friends 34


We are just a couple balls of cuddley love! Give us 5 minutes and we can have you covered in fur! Especially if you are wearing white! It is a special talent we have been working on while mom is at work!

about me

We will be turning 5 in a month - can't beleive we are middle aged already. It seems like just yesterday we came home from the breeder. Bella - "I was the only girl out of 8 puppies and I got ALL the sweetness and good looks!"


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