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Buddy(love you max) (German Shepherd Dog)
Current Mood Touched
Age 6 years
Birthday August 5, 2008
Gender Female
Favorite Toy bouncey ball
Favorite Activity playin with bff daisy talkin to fiance max
Number of Friends 215
100 Friend Badge
Friends 22

about me

please email me at since i cant be on ds alot anymore but i still want to talk to all my friends

! i am 11 months old and i like a sweet sesative dog named max he's a golden retreiver german shepherd he is the nices pup I've ever met im lucky that he asked me out he's perfect for me and I would do any thing for him and I love him also we are getting married september 5th hope you all can make it  

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The Joy of Sharing from Max (I LOVE YOU BUDDY!!!!)
I'm trying as hard as I can to show my love for you!
Heart from Mollie-Now at Rainbow Bridge
Luv from Rainbow Bridge for my new furiend.
Heart from LilyOy
Happy Birthday My Friend
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ziggy is devise stated

Posted on: 5 years ago

hey every one buddy and ziggy her were trying to get ziggy a new boy friend because tucker broke up with her and we need some one to make her happyso anyone who likes a cool loving nice puppy be friends with ziggy and post a comment or email well how bout leave acomment but yah any one who likes her or yah so post comment or be friends just i want my little sis to be happy


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