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Max (Poodle)
Current Mood Playful
Age 10 years
Birthday March 8, 2004
Gender Male
Favorite Toy I love all my toys!
Favorite Activity Chewing my Dingo bones in the sunshine!
Number of Friends 279
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about me

My name is Sir Maximillion Puddles. I am a black toy poodle and am 5 years old. I live with my human mom, dad, brother, and sister. I am very sociable and love all people! I am scared of most other dogs, though my mommy is trying to make me remember not to roll over and play dead when I meet a new doggy friend. I am getting much better.... I do not like to be left at home. I like to go everywhere with my family! I love to play, eat, and sleep with my mom & dad. I am very smart and know lots of cool tricks. I will do almost anything for a treat! Even though I know lots of tricks, my mom still says I need to go to obedience school. She wants me to do silly things like come & stay. That's no fun!!

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Squeeky Bear from ~xx~MAX~went to Rainbow Bridge on May 30th 2012~xx~
For My New Buddy "MAX"all the way from Ireland,Love Max...
Franky from Blazer
Here's a nice toy to tear up, Max! Love, Blazer
Squeeky Pilot Dog from Tilly
This doggie looks almost like me. Thanks for being my friend.
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Posted on: 6 years ago

I was tagged by the awesome dude Blake! Rules: Answer each question with a word starting with the first letter of your name. Tag 10 friends to answer the questions. 1. What is your name: Max 2.A four Letter Word: Make 3. A boy's Name: Michael 4. A girl's Name: Mary 5. An occupation: Movie Star 6. A color: maroon 7. Something you wear: Make-up...


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