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Balto (German Shepherd Dog)
Current Mood Fabulous
Age 9 years
Birthday November 12, 2005
Gender Male
Favorite Toy A stuffed squirrel with a squeaky noise in it
Favorite Activity walking around the block=)
Number of Friends 99


I like :To go on walks, eat a lot of food,bark at kittys and chase flies and lizards. I dont like: to take baths or go in any type of water, fire crackers , thunder ,and strangers. lol

about me

Im a German Shepherd Dog. I love to play . I am scared of loud noises and i love my family. Im three years old.

DoggySpace Survey

1. What is your name? Balto
2. Why were you named that?I was named after the courageus dog Balto from Alaska who passed away 
3. How old are you? 3 years young=]
4. What colour are your eyes? Brown
5. What breed are you? German Shepherd Dog
6. Where do you live? In my house
7. Does your Mom or Dad have a MySpace? yes
8. Do you like car rides? sometimes it depends where we are and if the windows are down.
9. Where do you go in cars? To the vet or beach or just  riding around
10. Do you talk a lot? if im happy i do!
11. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being high) how smart are you?TEN!
12. Do you have any brothers and sisters?one human bro and one human sis lol
13. What is your favorite food? chickenn for sure
14. What is the worst thing you have ever done? chewed up a lot of furniture
15. Can you know any tricks? sit,stay, giving the paw,rolling on my belly, and jumping up on things when told to do so haha
16. What is your favorite snack? whatever my owners are eating! 
17. What is your favorite hobby? walkssss
18. Where is your favorite place or places to go? my yard its hugee
19. Do you have a best friend? My human people haha
20. Where do you sleep? anywere ; floor,couch,bed, my own bed...
21. Do you have a favorite toy? any stuffed squeaky toys!
22. What is the best thing you did for your Mommy? ehh i dont know
23. Do you like swimming? heck no im afraid of water=[
24. What do you do when no one is looking? just sleep
25. Are you friendly? Yes if i know you
26. Do you bite? only if my owner is playing with me , i never bite other people or animals
27. Do you like the vet? No im afraid of them and a big guy has to hold me while the vet is checking me 
28. Have you been to a pet store? Yes then i knocked over a fish bowl by accident and it broke=[ sorry Petco! haha
29. What does your collar look like? black
30. What is the most coolest thing you have ever done? i do a lot of cool


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