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Boz (American Pit Bull Terrier)
Current Mood Uncomfortable
Age 5 years
Birthday March 24, 2009
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Daddy's Red Nike Shox
Favorite Activity Running with Wrigley at the River
Number of Friends 85


We have some video's of our pup, and his buddy Wrigley on YouTube if you want to see. Search for my account "neburmorales" and look at Boz, and Wrigley wrestle, and watch Boz twitch in his sleep! Lol. Don't forget to comment!!

about me

Hi! My name is Boz, and I'm an American Pitbull Terrier. But don't be afraid of me. I'll only lick and love you to death! ;p. I was in a foster home when I was born, and now have my forever home with my Mom and Dad. I love to play with my Bully friend Wrigley all day! We like to go to the river, take long walks in the park, and RUN! Would you be my new friend?

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This was a bad idea..

Posted on: 6 years ago

While Mom and Dad were at work, an after my nap, I was hungry. I went to the kitchen and my food dish was empty. I know Mom and Dad put there human food that they don't eat in the cubbord under the pantry, so I went in there and ate some of it. Now I feel bad, and my tummy hurts. I know I'll never make this mistake again. Sorry Mom and Dad for making a mess!


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