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Sugar (Cat)
Current Mood Blissfull
Age 6 years
Birthday July 18, 2008
Gender Female
Favorite Toy laser light
Favorite Activity cuddling with my kittens
Number of Friends 38
My Groups
I'm Dotty the dalmation and I love peanut butter biscuits.
Friends 93


as sweet as sugar :)

about me

Meow!!! My name is Sugar and I'm tougher than I look. I'm usually the one chasing my friend Dotty around, and she's  a dog. I'm usually always making some kind of trouble whether it's stealing from the cat food bag or knocking things of the shelf. I do have a sweet side though, and that's why they call me sugar. I recently had a litter of five kittens. Their names are Bentley, Pug, Cubby, and Pepper. We still need a name for the fifth one. You can see my kittens pics and vote for the cutest kitten a

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Happy B-day to you!! From the sassy cats, Halley & Fiver
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Need Help Deciding!!! :)

Posted on: 5 years ago

I was thinking about making a twitter. I've been looking around and there's a cat just like me on there who's the most recognized on twitter!!! Can you beleive it!!! I wanna be like that to. So should I make one or not???


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