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Abraham (Lhasa Apso)
Current Mood Chill
Age 6 years
Birthday March 30, 2008
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Trash can
Favorite Activity Looking out my front window
Number of Friends 1
I'm a Cali girl trying to survive in Louisiana. I'm always l...
Friends 1


I don't know what you've heard about me, but don't worry, my bark is definitely worse than my bite!

about me

I'm Abraham Lincoln Foster, or Abe for short. And really close friends call me Abie Baby. I was lost on the streets (I'm a bit of an escape artist) before the pound captured me. I was so scared and just wanted to find a forever home. I'm so happy to have found mine now and just am trying to give back to my new family. I have a great Dad and Mom, and the sweetest big sis in the world, Delilah. I love to play with her and she even lets me bite her ears. I spend hours looking out my window, watching happy children play outside. Of course, I always keep an eye out for Mom and Dad to get home, too. I love walks around the neighborhood, popcorn, and following Mom around the house. I also love to eat, lick people, and to play with my Daddy. Sometimes he even throws me in the air! I love to play and hope to meet lots of new friends!

latest gifts and journal entries

11/22/10 Hey Abe, Happy Thanksgiving!! I would love to be your new Angel Friend. Love and prayers to you and your family from Rainbow Bridge. Angel Sparkman and Mom, Ruth
Happy Dog from Doxie
Wanna be furends?
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  • Unnamed (Dec 22nd 7:27 pm)
  • Lukas (5 years ago)

    Hey Abe! Heard you got a hair cut, sucker! Bol

  • Lukas (5 years ago)

    Hey Abe! I"m chewing on a rawhide and you can't get it. . .BOL!

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