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Bandon (German Shepherd Dog)
Current Mood Rebellious
Age 11 years
Birthday March 27, 2003
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Mr. Pinky (A pink teddy bear) & Mr. Penguin (A plush penguin)
Favorite Activity Sleeping, eating, giving kisses and snuggling <3
Number of Friends 12


I love Playing and romping and romping and sleeping and playing!!! =P

about me

Well I live in Florida and love every minute here. I'm 6 years old and loving life. My BFF is Hero and Lilly (They're rescues too!) My mom loves me so much! She even lets me sleep by here!

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Posted on: 5 years ago

Hi, I'm Bandon. I'm a 6 year old 2 pound Shepard... (Though everyone says I'm 130. They're obviously blind.) I live in Florida and love summer and heat! When Tralynn (My pet) isn't looking I sneak up on the bed =P. My best friend in the whole world is Hero the pitbull. Me and him run and romp all the time! I enjoy every food you can imagine but chicken and ice cream are my favorites! Tralynn rescu... (read more)


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