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Sophie (Pomeranian)
Current Mood Sleepy
Age 9 years
Birthday September 18, 2005
Gender Female
Number of Friends 87


I love to eat, run around, chew napkins, and hide under couches!!!

about me

I am four years old, my mommy rescued me from a puppy mill in West Virginia! Before my mommy saved me, I had lived my life in a cage! I did not have to much of a life at all! I now enjoy walks, playing with toys, and barking at my mommy's brother!!


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  • Unnamed (Dec 23rd 4:22 am)
  • ANNA NICOLE (3 years ago)

    (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥)(♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥ ) (♥) (♥) (♥) ♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) HAVE A HAPPY YAPPY (♥)DAWGY DAY!!!!(♥) (♥) (♥) Ӝ.• °*”˜˜”*°•.Ӝ.•°*”˜˜”*°•.Ӝ♥.•°*”˜˜”* °•.Ӝ.•°*”˜ ˜”*°•.Ӝ.•°WAGS TO YALL ANNA NICOLE AND THE BAMA DAWG'S

  • Buddy (4 years ago)

    HAPPY BHITHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! from the Colorado Gang-Doc,Buddy,Spike and Misti

  • ANNA NICOLE (4 years ago)

    May your birthday bring All the things you like best And may the coming year Be your happiest

  • Lucky Pooh Canal (5 years ago)

    thanks for the add! have a great weekend!

  • Angel Benjamin-Police Chief of Doggyville (5 years ago)

    Hey Lovely Sophie! Its great to be your friend. You are a BEUTIFUL like looking in the mirror. Hope we keep in touch

  • Pastor Fonzie Tuxedo (5 years ago)

    Hey Sophie ~ Thanx fer extendin yor right paw of furiendship to me. I am so sorry that you were in a puppymill for so long but doing pom circles that yor Mamma rescued you from that horrible life. They oughta put the peeps that run those puppymills in a cage and see how they like it! Bark at me any ol time.

  • Buddy (5 years ago)

    Sophie Welcome to Doggyspace. Hope you have lots and lots of fun here. Also I hope you can be furiends with the rest of my family.

  • Doc (5 years ago)

    Sophie thank you for being my new furiend.

  • Mr. Whimpers -Deputy policeman of Doggyville (5 years ago)

    Hola Ms. S. me is very Hapi has u as me new furrnd.

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