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Tank (American Pit Bull Terrier)
Current Mood Crazy
Age 5 years
Birthday October 9, 2008
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Everyone's Shoes
Favorite Activity Running and Playing
Number of Friends 95
Taking another nap then my mommy will make my nails pink... ...
Friends 103
I love my neww snacks they are chicken flavor my favorite!
Friends 104


My mommy says I just need to stick to it but these birds arent cooperating!! I dont understand how the cat can get them but I cant!

about me

I'm Tank.(Tank-a-licious) I love playing and getting my belly rubbed. I love my big sisters even if they are smaller than me. My birthday is in October like my little sister princess! Well I guess she is my big sister because she is a year older than me... I got to go I see a bird byee

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Party Bear from ANNA NICOLE
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  • Unnamed (Sep 16th 11:23 am)
  • ANNA NICOLE (3 years ago)

    (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥)HAPPY HAPPY DAWGY DAY TO YOU MY SWEET FURIEND (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥) (♥)WAGS TO ALL ANNA NICOLE & THE BAMA DAWG'S

  • Joli & Ele (3 years ago)

    Another Birthday - Lucky You Here are a blue star ball and a bowl of food for you. Have a great day with your friends and family! Your gal pals ~ Joli & Ele

  • Doc (3 years ago)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! from the Colorado Gang-Doc,Buddy,Spike,Misti and Brutus

  • Sushi (4 years ago)

    Happy Happy Birthday Tank !!

  • Sherlock and Angel Ace (4 years ago)

    happy birthday

  • Angel Apollo Xavier (2003-2009) (4 years ago)

    winging down from rainbow bridge to wish you a happy bark-day

  • Shakira Jennifer (4 years ago)

    have a very happy birthday handsome

  • Napa Michael (4 years ago)

    happy birthday Mr. Tank

  • Joli & Ele (4 years ago)

    Happy Birthday Sweetie, I CELEBRATE YOU! Wishing you a day filled with love and fun and a year full of great adventures. Here is a blue star ball and a bone for you to chew on. Want to play? Your gal pal ~ Joli

  • NOS (5 years ago)

    Hey Tank thanx 4 bien my new furiend ur a gorgous boy & have a beautiful family Ya I hear ya im still only like 8 pounds in my mind I think I can just get on laps & everything well mommy lets me so it's o riyte well have a pawtastic day Luv Nos

  • pepsi--resting in peace (5 years ago)

    Hi there Tank! Nice to meet you~!!!

  • Angie Lopez (5 years ago)

    Hi Tank, what`s good with you. Just sending some love your way. Stay in touch with a crazy philly chick. Bark at me when you can chow.

  • Harvey (5 years ago)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Harvey (5 years ago)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • The Boyz (5 years ago)

    oh I see! havea great holiday all of u!

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