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Casper (Labrador Retriever)
Current Mood Playful
Age 5 years
Birthday May 25, 2009
Gender Male
Favorite Toy His sausage rope
Favorite Activity Running and playing
Number of Friends 78


I am Casper the dog! A friendly yellow lab with oversized paws and a wiggly bum! I am very friendly and love to make doggy friends and play all day! xCasperx :o)

about me

I am Casper. I was born the 25th may 2009 and my owner is Amelia. I am a yellow labrador, I have huge paws and I LOVE FOOD! I am very playful and I jump up to say hello to everyone (even though its a bit naughty!) I am very friendly and will always do tricks for a treat, whether its sit, paw or lie down, I can do them all! Arent I clever!? I have my family wrapped around my paw, even though they should be the pack leaders! I love to make friends and I love to play!

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