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Blossom & Annie (9/2000 - 8/26/2013 (Bloodhound)
Current Mood Loved
Age 7 years
Birthday November 25, 2007
Gender Female
Favorite Toy ball
Favorite Activity Protecting my family and loving on them
Favorite Food Anything!
Number of Friends 723
500 Friend BadgeScamp - Aware but dangerous!
Dakota (10/20/1996-9/29/2010)
I am a rescue dog and PROUD of it! I have been my Mommy's in...
Friends 712
I have had the good fortune of having been saved by 2 differ...
Friends 355


We are rescued doggies and are so happy to have found such a loving home. Blossom: My favorite thing to do is be loved and petted. I follow Mommy around everywhere. I LOVE the snow!! Annie: My favorite thing to do is sleep on the couch, Mommy & Daddy's bed or my doggie bed. The thing I am really good at is my barking! I have that coonhound bay.

about me

BLOSSOM: I am a loving bloodhound girl. I am lucky because I have 2 Mommies & Daddies. My current Mom found me on a posting because I was in a kill shelter in KY with a broken leg. Mom said I looked just like Dakota at that age so she went searching for a rescue for me and found Hooves & Paws Rescue in Iowa. Genea and Bill were my first real parents who took me in when I was so underweight and scared. Genea could not find a family that was good enough for me. She wanted Mom to have me but Mom was taking care of Dakota so Genea said I could stay with them until the time was right. I was at the rescue for 2.5 years and now am at my FOREVER home!! My birthday is Nov 25th. ANNIE: My Mom found me at a local shelter when I was a year old. She was looking for an hyperactive dog to play with Dakota. She saw me and I was jumping up and down in my kennel and she knew I was the one. I bonded with Dakota and Ed (the shepherd) right away but took me a LONG time to trust my parents. You see - they were my 5th home and I was only a year old. I had been returned to the shelter 2 times - the first time was because they sent me home with an elderly woman - OK how was she going to take care of such a hyper girl like me! Then the 2nd time to a couple who ended up getting a divorce and brought me back after a few months.I lived a very wonderful life with my family. I had a big tumor on my leg and had to have my leg amputated. I was doing really good as a tripod but then 18 days after my operation I collapsed in pain. There was another tumor that no one knew about. Mommy & Daddy were there when I made my trip to the bridge.



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Thank you, Blossom and Annie, for your kind thoughts on my Angelversary journal...Love, Jondalar
Birthday Cake from Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl)
Happy Birthday to a very special girl! Love, Molly and my Mom
Birthday Cupcakes from Willie Nillie...Handsome Angel
Happy Birthday! xoxoxo Angel Willie, Jessie and Angel Kristi K
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Thank you Brooklyn

Posted on: 5 months ago

We will have so much fun playing ball with our new ball and remember Brooklyn. What a nice way to remember her by. Our little girl loves to throw balls to me in the backyard. They love to watch me run! Thank you so much!


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