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Blossom & Annie (9/2000 - 8/26/2013 (Bloodhound)
Current Mood Loved
Age 6 years
Birthday November 25, 2007
Gender Female
Favorite Toy ball
Favorite Activity Protecting my family and loving on them
Favorite Food Anything!
Number of Friends 722
500 Friend BadgeScamp - Aware but dangerous!
Dakota (10/20/1996-9/29/2010)
I am a rescue dog and PROUD of it! I have been my Mommy's in...
Friends 711
I have had the good fortune of having been saved by 2 differ...
Friends 353


We are rescued doggies and are so happy to have found such a loving home. Blossom: My favorite thing to do is be loved and petted. I follow Mommy around everywhere. I LOVE the snow!! Annie: My favorite thing to do is sleep on the couch, Mommy & Daddy's bed or my doggie bed. The thing I am really good at is my barking! I have that coonhound bay.

about me

BLOSSOM: I am a loving bloodhound girl. I am lucky because I have 2 Mommies & Daddies. My current Mom found me on a posting because I was in a kill shelter in KY with a broken leg. Mom said I looked just like Dakota at that age so she went searching for a rescue for me and found Hooves & Paws Rescue in Iowa. Genea and Bill were my first real parents who took me in when I was so underweight and scared. Genea could not find a family that was good enough for me. She wanted Mom to have me but Mom was taking care of Dakota so Genea said I could stay with them until the time was right. I was at the rescue for 2.5 years and now am at my FOREVER home!! My birthday is Nov 25th. ANNIE: My Mom found me at a local shelter when I was a year old. She was looking for an hyperactive dog to play with Dakota. She saw me and I was jumping up and down in my kennel and she knew I was the one. I bonded with Dakota and Ed (the shepherd) right away but took me a LONG time to trust my parents. You see - they were my 5th home and I was only a year old. I had been returned to the shelter 2 times - the first time was because they sent me home with an elderly woman - OK how was she going to take care of such a hyper girl like me! Then the 2nd time to a couple who ended up getting a divorce and brought me back after a few months.I lived a very wonderful life with my family. I had a big tumor on my leg and had to have my leg amputated. I was doing really good as a tripod but then 18 days after my operation I collapsed in pain. There was another tumor that no one knew about. Mommy & Daddy were there when I made my trip to the bridge.



latest gifts and journal entries

Teddy Squeaky from Keri, Jondalar and Muffin, our precious Angels
Thank you, Blossom and Annie, for your kind thoughts on my Angelversary journal...Love, Jondalar
Birthday Cake from Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl)
Happy Birthday to a very special girl! Love, Molly and my Mom
Birthday Cupcakes from Willie Nillie...Handsome Angel
Happy Birthday! xoxoxo Angel Willie, Jessie and Angel Kristi K
All journal entries

Thank you Brooklyn

Posted on: 4 months ago

We will have so much fun playing ball with our new ball and remember Brooklyn. What a nice way to remember her by. Our little girl loves to throw balls to me in the backyard. They love to watch me run! Thank you so much!


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  • Unnamed (Nov 21st 11:47 pm)
  • Hannah Banana (1 month ago)


  • Hannah Banana (1 month ago)

    Toot I did it again. Two months..... UGH..... nip (ouch Hannah!!) Giggling. Now where were we. Okay I will have to nip mom more if she doesn't bark at you. So what's new. Did you do the bath challenge yet......huh? Are you going to enter the Halloween costume contest?? Giggles. Oh boy, I'm really full of my self. Love you two. Well I love your whole family.....

  • Misty (1 month ago)

    Bol! My mommy gets these things called "lickety sticks" from the humane society and I absolutely love them! (its basically liquid peanut butter!) You should try them! Me and sarah fight over them, so mom had to go get another. BOL. You should try one! I know Hannah Banana sells them too (I bought tommy tunes one!)

  • Angel Tommy Tunes 6/6/97 - 8/28/14 (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Angel Annie!!! Angel Tommy, Freddy and Dad (hope we got the date right this time!)

  • Hannah Banana (3 months ago)

    Hi Bestie, toot I don't know if I can call myself your besties because I haven't barked in forever, gosh toot. Can we start over? I have to come more often I promise. Have a great week. Love you.

  • Angel Tommy Tunes 6/6/97 - 8/28/14 (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Angel Annie!!! Tommy, Freddy & Dad

  • Jasmine (4 months ago)

    I'm glad we are furiends. I am so sorry you and your sibling were treated badly. I'm glad you all are being taken care of now!

  • ♥ Scooby ♥ (5 months ago)

    Thank you girls hope you had fun too

  • ♥ Rusty my Angel ♥ (9 months ago)

    Yes we do Awww I'm sorry to hear you had that terrible cancer but we're better now we can run and play like pups, heehee. Yes it is very hard, my mommy always thinks about me and my picture is all over the house, that makes her feel good to see me everywhere she looks. It does feel that way. Well wishes for everyone

  • The Golden Girls: Guinevere (rt), DaisyMae (lt), Angel Misha (11 months ago)

    Hi Blossom, Wishbone, angels and mom, we want to say thank you for sending us the lovely sympathy card, love and prayers for our Misha. DS family makes it easier to cope. We are so thankful for everyone. We wish you and you family a wonderful 2014. love the golden girls Guin, Daisy and mom Sharry

  • T.J. (11 months ago)

    Happy 2014 to you, hugs T. J. !

  • Molly   (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl) is online! Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl) (12 months ago)

    Dear Angel Annie, Blossom, Wishbone and Family, We got your beautiful family Christmas card yesterday. We thought it was just lovely. May the Love, and Joy of the Season be yours all the year long. Merry Christmas to you and all those you love. Love, Molly and my Mom

  • Tashi (12 months ago)

    Tiara, Trixie and I want to thank you so much for thinking about us with the Christmas card. You have a very beautiful family. We hope that the true meaning of Christmas fills your house with joy.

  • Cinnamon (12 months ago)

    Sorry its late but happy birthday.

  • ~ Bella ~ (12 months ago)

    Happy Birthday To You! Husky Hugs, Bella

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