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cute mastiv*pit yu will ever kno(; lol sooooo freakingg boredd=\

about me

im a spoilded brat...i dont lay on floors. im a snapper...i hate strange men...i lovee to chill dont like walkss i do what i want then get yelled at but i dont care i deal with it. well thats me<3 love me or hate me(:

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Hi, I would love to be your friend. I am an Angel at Rainbow Bridge so I could also be your Guardian Angel. You are very pretty. Love 2/26/10
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cats & thunderr.

Posted on: 5 years ago

i hatee catss=\ they always are in my yard nd just try to get me to chase them nd then they run away nd my mommy doesnt let me leave thee yard=\ thunderr scared me today=\ it was so loud nd i hate it='[ so my mommy hugged me till i stopped shaking(:


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