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Sampson (Mixed)
Current Mood Adventurous
Age 6 years
Birthday March 21, 2008
Gender Male
Favorite Toy My sister! Bella.
Favorite Activity Running in the backyard, trying to chase the cars I see.
Number of Friends 221
100 Friend Badge


Everyone is just so nice and cool on DS!!!!

about me

Hello! My name is Sampson. I am a very happy and energetic Doxie/Chi/Terrier mix. I was adopted just days before I was going to be put down. Lucky she came across the website; it is a website that shows animals in your area who are adoptable and yet have very little time left. My Mommy and Daddy couldn't be more thankful for this website and either could I! When they arrived at the shelter the dog warden said that I wasn't in their system and that they did not have me, couldn't even remember me (who couldnt remember me?!) Mommy had a gut feeling and a bit of wishful thinking and asked to view the kennel anyway.. and guess what?! I was there.. just waiting for my Mommy to walk by me!!! Love at first sight! I love my forever home. I have a lot of brothers and sisters who all mean a lot to me, even though sometimes they seem to get overwhelmed with all my kisses and energy. Mommy just brought home my new sister ♥ Bella yesterday. She is a baby Beagle/Terrier mix. That little fluff ball scared me to death the first night, however I am now showing her the ropes. I also have four feline siblings (Hemmie, Smokey, KIKI, and Baby), oh! and I cannot forget Squirt our turtle and all of the aquarium friends. I have a very action packed forever home and I love it that way!

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Bear Balloons from Boo Bear
Happy father's day! Here's some balloons for your daddy!
Bambi from Blazer
Here's a cute squeaky deer for my bestest friend, Sampson! And, Bella, too!
Elk Squeaky from Blazer
Here's a cute little elk for Sampson!
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I'm Sorry DS FURiends!!!

Posted on: 5 years ago

Good Morning to all my PAWsome DS FURiends!!! I wanted to say sorry for being MIA since FURiday! Mommy came down with the stomach flu and strep throat all at once! YUCK! Daddy was out of town for business and Mommy is very needy when she is sick (whimp! Just joking !BOL!) so Bella and I have been taking really good care of her. We have been snuggling,giving lots of kisses, and being much more ca...


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