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Sophie-Rae (Mixed)
Current Mood Happy
Age 3 years
Birthday May 19, 2010
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Anything I can grab and run!
Favorite Activity Playing with my brother, Jasper
Pet-Peeves Dad laying on "my spot" on the couch!
Tricks None yet, but working on it!
Number of Friends 260
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Friends 453
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about me

I came from a kill shelter in Hartford to the Norfolk SPCA with my brothers and sisters. Don't know where I'd be or what would have happened to me if the great people at the Norfolk SPCA hadn't taken my brothers and sisters and me in. And that's where my story starts.  I first saw my new mommie and daddy on a sunny Sunday afternoon, they stopped by my cage and I rolled over and tried to look as adorable as I could. I wanted them to love on me so much and I could tell my mommie wanted ot love on me too, but the shelter wouldn't let them handle me (it was because I hadn't had all my shots yet). One of the girls at the shelter took me outside so they could see me outside the cage. I guess whatever I did they liked because 2 days later my new dad came and brought me to my new "Forever Home".  I love my new life and my new family! Thank you Norfolk SPCA!

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Happy Birthday! xoxoxo Willie, Jessie and Kristi K
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Happy Birthday Sophie-Rae and cheers to many more!!!
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Merry Christmas, Sophie-Rae!
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Wordless Wednesday

Posted on: 8 months ago


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  • Unnamed (Apr 20th 4:31 pm)
  • Napa Michael (1 day ago)

    Happy Easter Sweetheart. About those green tomatoes I have to tell you grandmum doesn't have much of a green thumb for growing them. Usually there are only 4 or 5 on those plants the whole summer and they are the little cherry tomato ones so not a whole lot of green going in the tummy but if it's flowers then grandmum can really grow them good. I think she just plants those tomatos out of habit or maybe it's because she sends grandpa to get the seeds when the garden is ready and he always just gets some. She lets him get whatever he wants her to plant so usually it's tomatos, green beans, lettuce, cucumbers, zuchini and dill. Sometimes eggplant and green peppers but not always. It's sort of a hobby garden for them so if things don't grow they don't get to upset over it. We are getting ready for our big Easter cookout. All the family will get together and we swim in the pool and grill outside. We have lots of grandkids to follow around in case they drop some goodies we need to clean up. 8 grandkids in fact so there is always lots of good food dropped for us to clean up. Tell mom and dad and Jasper I said Happy Easter. Love ya

  • Hannah Banana (3 days ago)

    Hi bestie. Just came by to bark hello..... And have a happy and blessed Easter. Love you

  • Napa Michael (2 weeks ago)

    Oh Sophie-Rae. We have been so busy here that we have trouble finding time to get on here to bark. Grandmum has been planting her garden and I've been helping. We all have been trying to help but she keeps saying shoo go away I can dig myself. Doesn't she know by now we are the best dirt diggers ever. So she got most of it planted and I made sure she planted some cherry tomato plants...Bol. she will never get any off the plants. she knows I like to eat them green. Then granddad has been trying to finish the plant benches grandmum ask him to make for the home show the end of this month. He makes them out of old Bed headboards and footboards. He has been painting them and well I got my nose on one before it had dried so my nose was a turquoise color for awhile. It wore off finally.And of course now that it is spring it is tornado season and you never know when we have to stop doing things and go to the cellar to be safe. But next weekend is the annual Red Dirt BBQ cookoff. We go every year and taste, taste, taste. yummy stuff those people cook. Hope everything is back to normal at your house and grandmum says next time your mom and dad leave you alone you just get right on the bus and come visit us. She says there is always room for you and Jasper

  • Napa Michael (1 month ago)

    Howdy Sophie. I see your all ready for St. Pat's day. Grandmum said she saw the pics on FB of the party your mom and dad went to. She said it looked fun but she didn't see no doggies. I think it would have been even more fun if you had gotten to go too but grandmum says sometimes our parents need time away from us. I don't understand that at all. We are way better company than other peoples. Just my opinion on that. Well the weekend is here and it's been so nice but Sunday it's suppose to snow more. I'm gonna bark at my grandpaw Apollo and see if he can't come down and blow those snow clouds somewhere else cause I am just sick and tired of snow and cold and you won't see me complaining about the heat when it gets here. Well going to go I heard grandmum rattling the food bowls. Don't want to miss out on supper

  • Kane and Daisy (1 month ago)

    You are most welcome, Sophie and Jasper. We love seeing our friends all dressed up and looking good! Have a wonderful day, and happy St. Patty's ady to you and your family.

  • Napa Michael (1 month ago)

    Sophie, the weekend was terrible. Grandmum had a 2 day adoption event. She was taking Keno and Sat morning when she woke up and went to kiss my nose (I sleep right beside grandmum and she shares her pillow so my nose is first thing she sees when she wakes up)well my nose had turned back to black. It had turned red for spring. She said Napa what is going on your nose is black again. Well she went to check the weather outside and it was cold and it was snowing big huge flakes and had been snowing for some time cause there was quite a bit on the ground. I don't know what happened to spring. So it snowed off and on all weekend and was so cold that no doggie wanted to stay outside for very long. Even Shakira who loves the snow and cold was curled up on her bed sleeping most of the time. Now today on Monday the sun was shining and it got into the 60's and my nose is once again red. Grandmum says I'm just teasing her about spring. I'm not really but I can't help what my nose wants to do. I don't like to swim but I do like baths but only because my boy Conner gives them to me and when I'm done he will take me riding in his big truck to get ice cream. I'll have a bath every day if it means a ride in the truck and ice cream everyday.Your like me I always go to bed before grandmum so I can get my comfy spot and then she has to figure out how to sleep around me. If I take up too much room she just pats me and says Napa scoot over just a tad will ya. And I scoot over just a little teeny tiny bit so she thinks she has more room. She really doesn't have more room but she thinks she does. Bol yes I trick her about that but it makes her happy to think I gave her more room. Well it's time for me to go to bed as well. Lova ya

  • Napa Michael (1 month ago)

    Howdy Sophie. We celebrate lots of holidays here also and sometimes even when there isn't a holiday grandmum will say to granddad. "Let's have a cookout and invite people or she will say "I'm in the mood for a party and next thing us doggies know we are having a party or a cookout. We do lots of cookouts in the summer and neighbors come over cause we have a big pool for the humans they all like to swim in specially when it get's into the 100's. My grandpaw Apollo used to swim in it too but I don't. I don't like water very well. Every once in awhile when it is really hot I might lay in the little doggy pool but not often. Our snow is almost all melted and now we have mud. I like mud. Grandmum not so much when we track it on her new kitchen floor but she just gets the mop and cleans it right up. Have a greaqt day sweetie. love ya Napa

  • Jessie Belle (2 months ago)

    Oh you are such a lucky gal! Napa is soooooo handsome! You make a beautiful couple....ahhhh, ain't love grand?

  • Napa Michael (2 months ago)

    Afternoon Sophie. I love that outfit you have on. It's good to celebrate your roots. We celebrate grandmum's roots in October at Octoberfest. Yep she is German and that's when we go taste and test all the german cooking. We have a big celebration here for it and a parade also. Our snow is all melting and the tiny crocus's that grandmum loves are peeping their heads above the ground. Maybe it is finally spring

  • Hannah Banana (2 months ago)

    Bestie, Bestie, Napa and Sophie the new couple WOO HOO. Congrats

  • Prince (2 months ago)

    Hello Sophie Rae! Thanks for being my new friend! Boy you are beautiful! Hope your not mad at me.. Come by and visit anytime.. xoxoxox Prince

  • Jessie Belle (2 months ago) what did Napa bark at you??? Hmmmm????

  • Hannah Banana (3 months ago)

    BESTIE!!!!!!! I brought some hamburgers and potato salad for us to have a picnic. Here's some drinks too. Love you two.

  • Hannah Banana (3 months ago)

    Hi bestie.....two months, wow I'm sorry bestie. Here's a love you bestie

  • Hannah Banana (4 months ago)

    Hi bestie, How's things going? How Baileys mommy and family. Do you have your list together? I need a copy.....giggles..... So I've been good it's just that mom was busy with going back and forth to Bella and Buddy. WHEW!!!! Oh boy mom's yawning. Okay let's go get some hot cocoa with marshmallows, and get one of those and those and those okay...come on Jasper okay let's watch some Zzzzzzzz. Love you bestie

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