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Sophie-Rae (Mixed)
Current Mood Happy
Age 4 years
Birthday May 19, 2010
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Anything I can grab and run!
Favorite Activity Playing with my brother, Jasper
Pet-Peeves Dad laying on "my spot" on the couch!
Tricks None yet, but working on it!
Number of Friends 263
100 Friend Badge
Friends 455
Our Rainbow Bridge Angels
Since this page is for all of us, our blurb is going to be o...
Friends 261


about me

I came from a kill shelter in Hartford to the Norfolk SPCA with my brothers and sisters. Don't know where I'd be or what would have happened to me if the great people at the Norfolk SPCA hadn't taken my brothers and sisters and me in. And that's where my story starts.  I first saw my new mommie and daddy on a sunny Sunday afternoon, they stopped by my cage and I rolled over and tried to look as adorable as I could. I wanted them to love on me so much and I could tell my mommie wanted ot love on me too, but the shelter wouldn't let them handle me (it was because I hadn't had all my shots yet). One of the girls at the shelter took me outside so they could see me outside the cage. I guess whatever I did they liked because 2 days later my new dad came and brought me to my new "Forever Home".  I love my new life and my new family! Thank you Norfolk SPCA!

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Milkshake from Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester
Happy Birthday Sophie-Rae you may need this milkshake to wash down all the cake!!!
Birthday Cake from Kane and Daisy
Happy birthday, Sophie-Rae!
Birthday Cake from Jessie Belle
Happy Birthday! xoxoxo Angel Willie, Jessie, Roscoe and Angel Kristi K
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We lit a candle for ACE

Posted on: 1 month ago

We lit a candle today for Angel Ace and his family. the link is below ... Group name is ACE


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  • Unnamed (Aug 20th 6:48 am)
  • Hannah Banana (4 days ago)

    Hi bestie, how's it going? I hope you have a great weekend. Have any big plans? I was thinking we go swimming and have another picnic. Then have a sleepover. Bark when you can. Love you.

  • Jasmine (2 weeks ago)

    Hello! Tanks for accepting my furiend request! Hope we can become close gal pals!

  • Hannah Banana (4 weeks ago)

    Hannah? Hannah wake up....... What is it Jake barking wonderful word again....... No Sophie barked back... They are really busy so it caught me off guard.... Oh okay great. So what are you going to do...... I'm going over there, okay see you later..... (Hmmmmm, hmmmmm.... Knock knock) hi jasper I missed you, why are you standing way over there? Why are you squinting? Hi Hannah ((((((hugs))))))...... Giggles, what's up with Jasper..... Oh he's been a little bit of a brat so I barked at him that it was going to be GIRL POWER soon and then you came over...... (Wink) let's just stare at him...... ...... Moooooooommmmmm.....

  • Napa Michael (1 month ago)

    Sophie Rae sweetie. what's up. It's been awhile but you know secretaries now days. I just want to thank you for my card and for grandmum's card as well. It cheered us both up tremendously. I miss my napping buddy. He and I used to nap right next to each other with our backs touching. I tried napping with Sherlock but he doesn't like any doggy touching him when he's sleeping and he will snap at ya if you do. I'm can nap by myself but it's just better if you have company. It's been raining here for 3 or 4 days. Grandmum says the bridge angels are probably having a pool pawty and doing alot of splashing. They need to stop cause everything is muddy and water logged including me but the soft mud sure does make for good digging though. Well I am going to go. grandad is burning more hotdogs today and I think I might just need to supervise. Love ya lots Napa

  • Hannah Banana (2 months ago)

    Hi bestie. I hope your are having a good week, time just flys by when you're bored. Take care okay.

  • Napa Michael (2 months ago)

    Hi sweetie. Tell dad I said Happy Father's Day. How's things going. I'm taking it easy and laying in the air conditioning cause it's hot here. I've done pretty good about not digging and grandmum says my nail is starting to grow back a little. It needs to hurry cause while I haven't been able to dig granddad has gotten all my digging holes filled in so I will have to start all over. Give everyone a lick from me. I love ya

  • Holly (3 months ago)

    You're so welcome, Sophie-Rae! Thank you--we hope you had a very nice Memorial Day weekend!

  • Hannah Banana (3 months ago)

    Hi bestie. I'll come over for a swim soon as it's clear, it's HOT HOT HOT here. Love you bestie.

  • Angel MEIKA (3 months ago)

    And to you and yours, as well!

  • Pintus (3 months ago)

    OMD I'm so sorry Sophie-Rae I missed your b'day, I hope you can forget me and had a great one

  • ~ Bella ~ (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Sophie-Rae, Happy Birthday To You!! and Husky Hugs, Bella

  • Pocket Monster and River Song (3 months ago)

    Happy birthday

  • Napa Michael (3 months ago)

    Hello my beautiful girl. I came by to wish you a very Happy Birthday. What are you doing for your birthday? Tell mom I said you can have my piece of cake along with your own. I have a little bad news. I hurt my foot somehow and tore one of my toenails down to the quick. Grandmum said she thinks I was digging and hit something cause it's my best digging toenail that is hurt I went to the doctors but there wasn't much they could do for my toenail. It will grow back out but until it does I can't do any digging and grandmum has to keep it clean so it doesn't get infected. That's my news. Have a very happy birthday sweetie.... Napa

  • Joey (Joe Cool) (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Sophie-Rae...I hope you are having a wonderful birthday and may you be blessed with many more...

  • Tommy Tunes (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Sophie-Rae!!! Tommy & Freddy Girl

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