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Laird(85-97) & Laddi(87-02) is online!
Laird(85-97) & Laddi(87-02) (West Highland White Terrier)
Current Mood Blessed
Age 28 years
Birthday September 23, 1986
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Chew sticks
Favorite Activity Car rides
Favorite Food Laird born 1985, edit only goes back to 1986
Pet-Peeves So that is my pet peeve
Number of Friends 536
500 Friend Badge
Angel Tommy Tunes 6/6/97 - 8/28/14
A day with popcorn is a GOOD day! ...
Friends 1774
Freddy Girl
This blurb was written by my Mom, Gina(RIP). My new Dad ma...
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We bark for squirrels!

about me

Birthdays:   Laird Sep 23, 1985     Laddi Apr 1, 1987

Laird & Laddi were half brothers, same Mom, but their personalities were entirely different.
Laird was the serious, no nonsense one, and Laddi was a happy go lucky boy.  Both were
loving, wonderful family members.  They loved walks, car rides and chasing squirrels.

When Laird went to the Bridge we got Tommy to keep Laddi company when Dad went off
to work.

They are dearly missed and will never be forgotten.

Laird's Birthday Graphic from Angel Lovey 2012

latest gifts and journal entries

Birthday Cupcakes from Kane and Daisy
Happy birthday! Love, Kane and Daisy
Party Bear from Keri, Jondalar and Muffin, our precious Angels
Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me, Laird and Laddi! Love, Jondy
Easter Bunny from Buddy, our precious Angel
Happy Easter, Laird and Laddi! Love, Buddy and Family
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Posted on: 4 years ago

for the wonderful reception you gave us on our profile! We really appreciate the loving comments you made on our videos and picture. We've been meeting and playing with all the DS Angels. Wow, there's a lot of us up here! This old (1988) picture of us is just after our regular Saturday bath. We're all fluffed out, in need of a trim! We look just like this now too.


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  • Unnamed (Dec 18th 8:12 pm)
  • Hannah Banana (2 weeks ago)

    Hi you two. I know you two are having some fun with your brudder and eating more popcorn. I hope you have a good weekend my furiends. Love you

  • Hannah Banana (2 months ago)

    MUUAAAHHH, and ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))). Love you two

  • Roscoe (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday sweet Angel Laird.

  • Jessie Belle (3 months ago)

    Angel Laird! Happy Birthday!!! OMD sorry this is late but I'm sure you had a great day!

  • ~ Bella ~ (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Angels, Happy Birthday To You, and Husky Hugs, Bella

  • Sully (3 months ago)

    Happy Bridge Birthday Angel Laird!!!

  • Daisy (R.I.P 5/01/09) (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday.........Let's Celebrate your Special Day!!!

  • Molly (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Angel Laird......May your day at the Bridge be full of fun!!!

  • Junior (3 months ago)

    Happy birthday angel, hope you are celebrating in Tommy's castle with a lot of popcorn

  • Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Laird...We are looking forward to helping you celebrate your special day here at the Bridge...

  • Boris & Minnie (3 months ago)

    Hewo Laddi and Laird. Wishing happy birthday from down here. Have a fantastic day at the bridge celebration OK?

  • Megan (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Laird....everyone is getting ready for your big party....your going to have a lot of fun, you can sprinkle Confettie Frosting from your cake on down to your Dad and Freddy girl....and than jump in with a nose bump.....There are lots of great things to play with, and we wish you the Happiest of Birthdays Love the Boston Angels and the Magnificant 7

  • Hannah Banana (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Laird.

  • Keri, Jondalar and Muffin, our precious Angels (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday, Angel Laird! We can smell those yummy Birthday cake/Birthday cupcake/Birthday candy smells coming out of the buffet kitchen this evening! We'll see you at your big celebration! Love, Angel Keri, Angel Jondalar, Angel Muffin, Angel Buddy, Gracie, Holly, Keegan, Andy and Barney

  • Pocket Monster and River Song (3 months ago)

    Get ready for a fantastic birthday party at the Bridge my friend where you never get older and can eat all the cake you want.

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