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Angel Brutus Maximus (Yorkshire Terrier)
Current Mood Happy
Age 11 years
Birthday September 22, 2003
Gender Male
Favorite Toy My rope Duck and anything Doc and Buddy have.
Favorite Activity Playing chase with Buddy
Favorite Food Anything, I'm not picky!
Pet-Peeves Being held so I can't lick the bowl before Doc and Buddy
Tricks Playing keep away with my Mommy while playing with my Duck.
Number of Friends 1524
1k Friend BadgeRunt - Not too shy to talk!
Hi! my name is Doc. My Birthday is October 18,2005. I liv...
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Hi! I'm Doc's brother Buddy. My Birthday is October 18...
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Hi! I'm Doc,Buddy,Spike and Angel Misti's new brother. My name is Brutus Maximus. I'm 7 years old. I weigh 4.80 pounds. I'm a rescue. I would love to make lots of furiends here on Doggyspace. Doc,Buddy and Spike told me it is a GREAT place. So could you please be my furiends?

about me

Well,I will tell you how I got to be Doc,Buddy,Spike and Angel Misti's brother. My new Mommy had to go to the Doctor on Tuesday October the 5th. On the street that they took to go to that Doctor the Denver Dumb Friends League is on one of the streets they crossed. So Mommy thought maybe we could stop there on the way back home. My new Daddy was thinking the same thing. But they didn't say anything to each other about it. After Mommy's Doctor appointment she was feeling really bad. It was not good news. The Doctor was a Heart Doctor. He told her she had the same thing that had killed that actor John Ritter. An Aortic Aneurysm. He told her she was right on the edge of having to have open heart surgery. She has high blood pressure and he told her to watch it really closely and if she should get any pains in her chest to get to the emergency room. They would do another electrocardiogram in 5 months to see if it has stayed the same size and hadn't gotten bigger. If it is bigger then she has to have surgery. On the way home they turned to each other and at the same time said lets stop at the Shelter. Daddy said he was going to do it anyway to try and cheer Mommy up a little. They forgot to register and just went in and started looking at the doggy's. Mommy was looking in one row and Daddy walked to the next row and went Oh my you have to come over here. Mommy went to that row and guess what she seen. ME! That was the end of looking. They have never went there and found a little Yorkie. As a matter of fact never seen a Yorkie there. So they wrote all the information down about me and had to go fill out the registration thingy. They gave the card you fill out to the lady at the desk and they put Mommy and Daddy in a room and then another lady brought me in. It was a total love at first sight or all of us. Actually it happened the minute I seen Mommy and Daddy when they came around the corner in my row. They were told that somebody found me but they had little kids and I would snap at the kids. Well I'm really little and I was scared of them is what Mommy says. I think she is right. They also said that I had a seizure when I first got there but hadn't had another one. Oh I had been there since September 22nd. Mommy said she knew what it was because Misti would have them when she got really scared. I do another funny thing that Misti did. I do something called a reverse sneezing. So they were ready to take me right then but they told the nice lady that they had two dogs and a Kitty Cat at home. So they arranged to comeback yesterday with Doc and Buddy for a meeting to see if we got along. They took all of us outside to a big enclosures where we could run around and play. Do you know what Doc and Buddy did? The did not pay any attention to me at all. That was rude! Everybody decided we would get along great and back inside we went. So the Shelter lady took me and I got a little checkup and a Microchip. Daddy even got a discount on me. It is the 100 years in business for the Shelter and they got $100.00 off. So I was on sale! HA! HA! In the car we went and off to my new forever home. I did sit in Mommy's lap all the way home and Doc and Buddy didn't even care. They have the whole back of the car for themselves. I didn't want to go back there. It is really BIG! So this is the beginning of my new life in Byers,Colorado. I loves my new family. I won't let Mommy out of my sight for a minute. HA! HA! Now she has three doggies on her heels at all times. They are going to put a bell on me because I'm so small. I'm not small what are they talking about anyway! I will tell you more later. My PAWS are getting tired! I'm not used to typing yet! 

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Posted on: 3 years ago

Good Jolly Golly finally I get to BARK at my furiends here on my favorite place Doggyspace!!! I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad cause I haven't been able to find out how all of you are and all the fun adventures you have been on. I'm sure I have missed allot. DARN THAT MOMMY!!!!! She has promised AGAIN that we can come visit more often but we will see. I remember her saying that one other time. I...


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