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Charlie (Shih Tzu)
Gender Male
Number of Friends 179
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I am now at the bridge looking down over my momma and KHAN a...
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My old owner had me chained up for 5 years. then i got heart...
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hello my name is charlie. i am a little old dog of at least 10 years. i live in north carolina with the malatesta pack of which i am one of now. I have lots of old dog stuff going on, like i cant see so good, and i cant jump down from things like the bed or sofa. i dribble when i drink or eat and i dribble the other way sometimes too which is kind of embarassing. sometimes i even step off the sidewalk and loose my balance and fall over. then i panic and cant get up so i scream for momma and she comes to help me. all the other dogs here are bigger than me except for princess duyan the chihuahua, but she is really a puppy still and very active. i just sit and watch her go nuts. the other dogs treat me ok. they know i am an old man. i just have to watch out for christian and brandon who are a little crabby. oh I know brandon you are not crabby. ok ok

about me

I did not like it much in the pound. it was cold and wet and i was in a run with 6 other little dogs who were a lot younger than me so they got to the food first. i cant see so well so i was always bumping into things or tripping over them. Lots of folks came by my pen and thought i was really cute, but when they found out i have a heart mumer, was almost blind and was ten years old, well that ended that. I was put in the unadoptable part of the pound and was scheduled for euthanisia. then momma came to get star and rocky the boston and said ok how much is it for charlie, and the pound lady said hes free take him and she did. At first momma thought that i might find a home with a senior citizen if she had me cleaned up and neutered, but after having me here she realized that i have to many old dog problems to get adopted, and besides momma IS a senior citizen and so she says i can live out my life here with her. Mostly i sleep alot and i wake up to eat and do my business. sometimes i dont wake up in time but momma just cleans it up and gives me a bath. i love baths..all that warm water, and then towels snuggles too. on sunday mommas friend carrie who is a groomer is going to clip me short for the summer and also get out the matts. mom has decided not to have me fixed for now cause i am so old and might not survive the operation. we will see about it later on. For now, like zafaria did, I have a home to live comfortably in and sleep the days away. when i am awake there is alot of activity around. I cnat see real clear but enough to get by. I am happy and lucky. when my times comes to go to the bridge it wont be alone in a pound gas chamber, it will be at home with momma and my pack and that is the way it should be..from mommas arms to Gods arms. For now i am content and would like to make some friends. There must be a lot of old dogs on here besides me.  love charlie

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Christmas Bell from Unnamed
Merry Christmas, Angel Charlie!
Angel from Unnamed
Precious, beautiful Charlie....we love you so much, and miss you so badly, ..Love, Angel Keri and Family
Dog Bone from Blazer
Hi Charlie! I'm an old man, too! Love, Blazer
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Gone maybe but hopefully not forgotton

Posted on: 3 years ago

momma got a real nice photo of me and brandon from tommy tunes. that was so nice of him. Now she can see our sweet faces in every room. we have magnets in the kitchen on the fridge, and one of tommys digital photos in the front hall and the latest in a frame in the dining room and we are on the comoputer when you turn it on our photo comes up.  I was really old and blind and gimpy here on ear...


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  • Unnamed (Dec 17th 9:37 pm)
  • Angel P.J (10/08/04 - 06/05/13) (2 years ago)

    Thankyou for being my friend how are? I love shih tzu I've gotta shih tzu friend called Pele staying next week

  • duffus (3 years ago)

    so glad you got a home that will take care of you like you should be pampered and comfy while you still here on earth glad to meet you may you have a wonder life what you have left here on earth your mommy is one special mommy like most all ds mommy they under stand us and really care about our comfort. take it easy from duffus and sister peaches

  • Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl) (3 years ago)

    Hi Angel Charlie. Thank-you for being our new friend. We think you are such a handsome guy. Please stop by and give us a bark anytime.

  • Toby (3 years ago)

    Charlie you are a cutie and mom and I just know you are living like a puppy again and having lots of friends to play with. We're sending you a toy to add to your collection of play things.

  • Boris & Minnie (3 years ago)

    hi new angle pawfriend. ruv ruv ruv u lots buddy. how life in your cloud? running oainfree seeing clearly and chummin with the d.s. angles is some kind of . keep letting me know how yur doing k?

  • Megan (3 years ago)

    Charlie you are a precious one, We love playing with you, your so cute, and so much fun...your learning to use those wings really well for such a short guy....its fun to watch you fly to your home and back wont be long and we will all be together again....Lets go find Brandon, and the rest of the gang..and than go play at the pond, and than lets go to our Moms and lay by them awhile....Have a great day Charlie....we love you lots...Megan, Promise and McKinsie

  • ANNA NICOLE (3 years ago)


  • Sissy (3 years ago)


  • King (3 years ago)

    Oh Charlie Mommy is so sad and she does not know what to say anymore. We just know you are safe and with Jesus and we just wanted to stop by and say Hello. All this is just breaking my Heart. Love King and Mommy

  • Boudica (3 years ago)

    Charlie, I know that we were only friends for a little while but I will miss you. I know that you are in a place now where you are no longer old and blind and sick. I can just imagine you running around like a young pup with all of the other DS angels. A candle has been lit for you on the Rainbow Bridge Part 3 group.

  • Blazer (4 years ago)

    Hi Charlie! I'm sorry I missed some of your journals and now they are archived so I can't respond. You do look really cute with your new haircut. Honey, just because you are 10 years old doesn't mean anything. I'm almost 12 y/o in July and I still have lots of spunk. You'll find a good home, my furiend. If we didn't live in Portland, OR we'd invite you up here to live. But, realistically, mom doesn't really have a whole lot of money because she is on disability now. Someone will want a wonderful boy like you. Love, Blazer

  •  Blossom & Annie (9/2000 - 8/26/2013 is online! Blossom & Annie (9/2000 - 8/26/2013 (4 years ago)

    We think you are very handsome!! We just love your Mommy too - she is a wonderful lady! Annie & Blossom

  • Chewy (4 years ago)

    Hey Charlie! Thanks for being my buddy!

  • Romeo (4 years ago)

    Charlie, you look WONDERFUL after getting cleaned up and are a beautiful doggy! I will be surprised if someone doesn't want to adopt you, even though you are an elderly gentleman!

  • Blazer (4 years ago)

    Thanks for approving my friend request, Charlie. Have a great week! Blazer

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