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Mystique Rayne (Rottweiler)
Current Mood Peaceful
Age 8 years
Birthday April 23, 2006
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Squirell
Favorite Activity Sleeping
Favorite Food Raw Hides
Number of Friends 28
CerAnn Autumn
I love my new house! Mommy & Daddy moved us from a little ho...
Friends 27


I love my new house! Mommy & Daddy moved us from a little house with a fenced in yard to a farm house with lots of yard and even woods to play in! The new house is close to family so CerAnn and I get to play with our Uncle Yappie and our Niece (who is older than us and I am not sure how that works) Marilyn. Oh and this house is in the north so when we moved there was this white stuff called snow that we got to play in!

about me

My name is Mystique, also known as "Stinky Butt". I live with my mommy, daddy, adopted sister CerAnn who mommy rescued. There is also two smaller creatures Trey-Trey and Pepsi girl who mommy calls cats, but I think of them as my pets. My 6th Birthday is this month, April 23rd and I am very excited!

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Posted on: 3 years ago

This morning we woke up and there was cold white stuff on the ground again. CerAnn and I got excited and ran to the upper field. We went exploring and found a bunch of sticks stacked up and rabbits inside! Mom called us in, but we ignored her. We stayed in our yard, so I am not sure why she was mad. She kept yelling for us and then the worse thing happened...when we did return she didn't give us t... (read more)


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