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Ayden (Shih Tzu)
Current Mood Handsome
Age 2 years
Birthday March 18, 2012
Gender Male
Favorite Toy my play scunk and my squeky doggy
Favorite Activity i love to annoy my grama, and i love to play with my mommy owner
Favorite Food lif science puppy food, and warm milk from a bottle
Pet-Peeves i dont really have any yet.... that i know of
Tricks i can say my prayers like my gramma can!! :)
Number of Friends 56
Anna Caroline
Friends 105


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about me

Hello, I am Ayden Eli... I am full of life, and yeah I will admit it... I'm a spoiled brat. That is not my fault though it is my moms fault. She spoils me so much that I actually go to work with her most of the time. She will alter her schedule if she knows that I have to be left alone at home. She doesn't treat me like I am an actual dog, she treats me like a am a human baby. I love her so much and I know loves me. Enough about her, lets talk about me. I am an athletic and very vocal dog. Those two combined together is something that is not normal for a Shih Tzu. My favorite thing to do is take my squeaky dog, throw it down the stairs and squeak it continuously until my mommy takes it away from me. I do not like to get dirty. If it is raining and muddy out, I am not going out side. I do love to go on bye bye rides. When we go on bye bye rides, I love to stick my head out the window. I can be a lover or I can be a fighter. It depends on what mood I am in. Well I hope that you enjoyed a little about me. I would love to get to know you! ADD ME PLEASE

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Santa from Blazer
Merry Christmas, Ayden! Love, Blazer
Squeeky Car from Megan
You are so very cute..We want to be your friends, Love Megan, Promise, McKinsie and Molly Mcq
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march 18, 2014

Posted on: 4 weeks ago

Today is my birthday. I am 2 years old told me I need to stop growing up so fast. my mommy loves me. Well I had a great birthday. I went to work with my mommy and my "AUNT CINDY" got me a present and suprised my mommy with a hot pot(SOMETHING THAT SHE HAS ALWAYS WANTED BUT didnt have enough money to buy it). so mommy was pretty excited about that. Then mommy had a big party for m...


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  • Unnamed (Apr 16th 1:40 pm)
  • T.J. (2 weeks ago)

    Hello Ayden, stopped by to say hello, are you glad spring is here its been raining or cold here for so long, the next few days is going to be pretty, I'm going to get out side and play with my yellow ball, hope your weather is good, so you can to, bark back soon, hugs T. J. !

  • Paul Bunyan (3 weeks ago)

    Hello Ayden, thank you for stopping by. Nice to meet you. Your adorable. I'm so excited for Spring, I love snow but I think we had enough of snow storms. Hope you have a great week. Paulie

  • Trixie (4 weeks ago)

    Hello my sweet Ayden. I'm so sorry that I missed your birthday but it has been real hectic around our house. Mom is a tax accountant so this is her busy time. Also, my human sister has been in the hospital. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent double mastectomy surgery. I've been doing my best to comfort mom and dad because they have been so worried. I hope spring is not far away for you and that you can get outside in the sunshine and run and play. Love you so much!!!!!!!!

  • Tommy Tunes (4 weeks ago)

    We're glad to be yur new friends, Ayden! Tommy Freddy Girl Angels Laird & Laddi

  • Kane and Daisy (4 weeks ago)

    Happy birthday, Ayden!

  • Cinnamon (4 weeks ago)

    happy birthday

  • Trixie (1 month ago)

    How's my sweetie Ayden today. Has it started to get any warmer yet. I worry about you in that cold weather and snow. Is it hard to go peepee when it's so cold. Today was cold here (50) but tomorrow it is suppose to be 72. Love you and await your chat.

  • Trixie (1 month ago)

    Hey sweetie, how is your weekend going? I have been having a good weekend playing in the yard with my sisters. It has been nice and sunny. That's too bad about all your snow and your cold feetsies. Tell mom that if she sprays your paws with Pam it will keep the snow from sticking to them.

  • Coco Puffs (2 months ago)

    friendly bark sweet Ayden Hope you're having gweat weekend :) your pal Coco Puffs

  • Angel Foley Monster (2 months ago)

    You are very welcome

  • Cinnamon (2 months ago)

    Hello Ayden, how are you? All good here. Mummy has the day off for the next two days so that means I will get lots of walkies!!

  • Angel Foley Monster (2 months ago)

    Our pack is doing good, thank you. We love seeing your cute face on our page. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  • Ace & Sherlock (2 months ago)

    Hi Ayden, We had a fantastic day. spent most of it barking at the new neighbors moving in next door to us and some of it barking at the squirrel in the weeping willow tree. And spent some time napping in the sunshine out on the back patio. Hope your day has went well also

  • Trixie (2 months ago)

    Hey cutie patootie, thanks for stopping by my kennell. I've been doing pretty good. I'm glad our Florida winter is over and it is nice and warm outside again. Did you have a nice valentine's day. Do you have a sweetie? I know that I'm year older than you but I sure would like to be your sweetie.

  • Angel Foley Monster (1 year ago)

    Happy birthday Ayden

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