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Hurricane and Smokey (Cat)
Current Mood Amused
Age 2 years
Birthday February 20, 2012
Gender Male
Favorite Toy We like them all!
Favorite Activity Hurricane: Stealing food off the table >:) Smokey: Playing with toys still! :D
Favorite Food Hurricane: Any food I can get, MOL. Smokey: Dry cat food.
Pet-Peeves Hurricane: *Too long will be in diary* Smokey: Noise X_X
Tricks Hurricane: I'm a good food theif, MOL. Smokey: None
Number of Friends 25
Friends 21


Smokey: 8D look at that new toy Hurricane! Hurricane: *looks up from slice of chicken stolen from table* Oh, cool!

about me

Hi, we're Hurricane and Smokey! We met the other cats, Cinnamon (shes a bit of a grump, >.<), Nutmeg (we love her! Its hard to believe she is Cinnamons sister.), Cleopatra, (she can play fetch, but she is startled easily and has sharp claws D: ) and Rosie. (Shes a bigger grump then Cinnamon.)

latest gifts and journal entries

North Pole from Unnamed
Merry Christmas, Hurricane and Smokey!
Butterfly from Blazer
Welcome Hurricane and Smokey! I love kitties! Love, Blazer
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Hurricanes Pet Peeve

Posted on: 2 years ago

Hurricane: Hi! Hi! *squeaks* Oh, you want to know my pet peeve? Okay. When mom or anyone else puts me on the ground when I'm trying to get food off the table! I mean, I'm hungry folks! Smokey: Aren't you always hungry? Hurricane: Shh. I also don't like it when they squirt me with a water gun or threaten to! Smokey:.... So you mean you haven't learned that the water gun and moms finger are...


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  • Unnamed (Dec 22nd 2:42 am)
  • Cinnamon (10 months ago)

    happy birthday xx

  • Cinnamon (2 years ago)

    happy birthday !!

  • Cinnamon (2 years ago)

    Hello Pussycats!!

  • Megan (2 years ago)

    Hello Beautiful kittys..thanks for being our freinds...we love kittys and love to play gently with come by and time and play with us..e know lots of games...LOve Megan, Promise, McKinsie and Molly Mcq

  • Max (2 years ago)

    hey my kitten buddies! i would say "what nice wheather we're haveing", but it's raining -_- how is your day going?

  • Blazer (3 years ago)

    Kitties are very welcome here! Now, some folks don't agree with me, but I have a kitty brother named Kimber and we are best furiends! I'm so glad you are here! Love, Blazer

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