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Uva (Chihuahua)
Current Mood Chill
Age 4 years
Birthday January 19, 2010
Gender Female
Favorite Toy I love to play with my brother, a cat named Moio
Favorite Activity Sunbathing in the garden
Number of Friends 158
100 Friend BadgeScamp - Aware but dangerous!


Hello! I'm Uva!

Chatting with Moio

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about me

Hello, my name is Uva. I am a small size black Chihuahueña. I was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. I live in the cold side of the city (well, not that cold). I don't like to wear sweaters, though. My mom makes me a lot. I live with my mom and dad and two sisters. I like to play with them and also with my doggy sister and cat brother. I get along great with Moio (the cat). I love to smell the air, I find it interesting. I like to look for worms  and  romp over them. I'm shy and I don't like people to get close to me, that is maybe because my family spoils me. My mom likes it because in that way nobody can not take me away. When my mom walks me people usually ask what breed I am. Mom hates this!! It good be nice to know if there are other black Chihuahueños some place since it seems we're not so common where I live!    
-- Uva means grape in English --

I'll be so happy to get friends all around the world!!!!
I speak Spanish so I might make some mistakes, sorry!! But I'll do my best!!!

latest gifts and journal entries

Bear Letter from Holly
Thank you for making my birthday special, Uva! Love, Holly
The Joy of Sharing from Jessie Belle
Thank you fur being such a sweet friend...xoxoxo
Bear Letter from Gracie Mae
Thank you for making my birthday so happy, Uva! Love, Gracie
All journal entries

Thank you sooo much Hannah Banana !!!!

Posted on: 4 months ago

Aaaww pawfriends, look what Hannah Banana sent me!!! Presents, presents, beautiful presents. I just love them all, and my family too.  The new mailman came and said: "Uva?????" with a question mark face, and my daddy answered "yes, our lovely furbaby". The man got delighted. A little doggy like me getting such a big envelope, hehehehe!!! I am a lucky girl! I also got this picture of Ange...


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  • Unnamed (Oct 23rd 1:45 pm)
  • REESE (5 hours ago)

    Buenos dias, Uva! It was so good to hear from you! thank you again for the present and card- you're so cute in your Halloween pic! That woman makes very lovely and wonderful things, that's for sure! so sorry you got stung by that bee! Hope you are feeling better now! Thank you for the kind words and prayers for our other uncle in Michigan! He can sure use them! All we know so far, is that he has a massive internal infection and it's affecting his liver functions. We hope to learn more today. That's ok, you just blog when you can, sweetie! We think of you and your family every day, too! that's what good friends are for! Big (((HUGS))) to you and your family, as well! Bark a big Hello to them from all of us, please. Stay safe, stay well, and the best to you all! Bark when you can and God Bless! Love and friendship, Reese, Kole, Angel Meika and the family

  • REESE (18 hours ago)

    Hi, Uva! Kole, angel Meika and I wanna Thank You so much for the wonderful Halloween portrait of you and the medallion you sent us! That's a Day of the Dead medallion, right? We love it! Hope you and your family are doing well and everyone is happy and healthy! Happy Halloween to you and yours, if we don't bark before then and thanks again for thinking of us! God bless you all! Stay safe! Reese, Kole and Angel Meika

  • Leo (2 days ago)

    Thank You for the cute card and the gifts You are so sweet to do that for me.... Hope all is well with you and your family!!!!

  • Angel Hagan (6 days ago)

    Thank you sweet Uva for the Birthday wishes, my hugs and kisses and my treats and toys. It was so nice of you to remember my special day!! All my Bridge buddies are helping me celebrate. It's been really fun so far. I hope you have a wonderful weekend :D

  • REESE (6 days ago)

    Long time, no bark, Uva! We hope all is well with you and your wonderful family! Bark when you can, sweetie! Reese, Kole and Angel Meika

  • angel hans (dec 2007-july 2013) bailey, brutus , thor and lola (1 week ago)

    there doing good there getting so big , i need to post new pics up soon

  • Hannah Banana (2 weeks ago)


  • Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester (3 weeks ago)

    Oh thank you sweet Uva for remembering me on my special day...My secretary forgot to change the date on our profile so I guess I can just celebrate with Charlie in December...We hope all is well with you and your family...Thank you again Uva... Angel Chester

  • Megan (3 weeks ago)

    Oh Dear Uva and Mommy, this is still the cutest Picture we have eever seen, you are your little hat and expression....we wanted to tell you how excited we were in getting your package...and what a surprise it was, love love the ear rings....Mom says she feel lovely wearing them, and that they are very special to her...thank you so much for thinking of us, and the very lovely thoughtful gift....we so wish we could see you and meet all of is getting cold here now...and pretty soon we will have the snow and cold weather...hate it..summer came and went....too fast......We miss Brooklyn terribly, and her sisters and brothers miss her too...still look for her....We love you guys very much...Love Megan, Mom and the rest of the family...

  • Andy and Barney (1 month ago)

    Hello, dear Uva! Mol, mol! We understand, sometimes our mommy will skip ds a couple of days, and sometimes it takes so long for us to get our turn to meow, heehee! We are still having humidity and heat, and we are hoping it will cool down in a month or two. We are six hours south of our house now, and it stays hotter longer here, which my parents aren't too crazy about, mol! Aww, we are so sorry to hear that about Moio! We started out playing outside a lot, too, but at our house, even though we had woods and lots of places to explore, the nasty male cat next door beat me up (Andy) and Barney tried to fight him, but neither of us knew how to fight, too. See our Angel kitties (Black Kitty, Mittens, Boots and Bogie) helped raised us, and they were middle aged and elderly when we found them, so they taught us to be so gentle. After I, Barney, came in with a limping front paw, our parents kept us inside forever after that, but it has not been easy to do with Daddy's severe cat allergies, so we have our own bedroom with lots of toys and a cozy cave and beds and things, and it is fun and we like to nap a lot anyway, heehee. Sometimes we remember those exciting days, but we still like to relax safely inside, so it's all okay. We bet Moio is so happy to be inside with you and Mommy, too, so don't feel bad that he can't run and explore outside anymore. We and Mommy sure understand how mean that outdoor life can be to sweet kitties! Heehee--we both highly recommend a kitty brother, heehee, as we were only separated one time, when Andy was being boarded because of his medicine for a week, and I, Barney, cried every night while my sweet Grandma tried to console me! (Mommy says it is a little more work and a little more money, but more love, too, mol!) Let us know if you do get a new kitty sibling, mol, mol! Love you!

  • Angel Hagan (1 month ago)

    Thank you sweet Uva for your thoughts and prayers. We love being friends with you.

  • Cinnamon (1 month ago)

    Hello Uva, I just love your new picture. You look gorgeous in your sombrero! I love it. xx

  • Megan (1 month ago)

    Dear Uva, just had to come by and tell you that was the picture of the is the best I have seen in a long time....we love and miss you......your adorable...

  • Hannah Banana (1 month ago)

    Giggles...... YOU and your MOM the best furiends to send such a special gift to little ole us. I will give mom extra kisses on her birthday and give her a hug from you. Can we be besties? Come on let's watch some

  • The Golden Girls: Guinevere (rt), DaisyMae (lt), Angel Misha (1 month ago)

    Hi sweet UVA, I want to thank you for always thinking of us. I received my birthday card last week. I appreciate it so much. Love to you and your family. DaisyMae

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