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Uva (Chihuahua)
Current Mood Chill
Age 4 years
Birthday January 19, 2010
Gender Female
Favorite Toy I love to play with my brother, a cat named Moio
Favorite Activity Sunbathing in the garden
Number of Friends 154
100 Friend BadgeScamp - Aware but dangerous!


Hello! I'm Uva!

Chatting with Moio

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Mary Sergeeva

about me

Hello, my name is Uva. I am a small size black Chihuahueña. I was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. I live in the cold side of the city (well, not that cold). I don't like to wear sweaters, though. My mom makes me a lot. I live with my mom and dad and two sisters. I like to play with them and also with my doggy sister and cat brother. I get along great with Moio (the cat). I love to smell the air, I find it interesting. I like to look for worms  and  romp over them. I'm shy and I don't like people to get close to me, that is maybe because my family spoils me. My mom likes it because in that way nobody can not take me away. When my mom walks me people usually ask what breed I am. Mom hates this!! It good be nice to know if there are other black Chihuahueños some place since it seems we're not so common where I live!    
-- Uva means grape in English --

I'll be so happy to get friends all around the world!!!!
I speak Spanish so I might make some mistakes, sorry!! But I'll do my best!!!

latest gifts and journal entries

Easter Bunny from Holly
Happy Easter, Uva! Love, Holly and Family
Smirky Face from Roscoe
Will you be mi amiga?
Valentines Gift Box from Megan
Happy Valentines Day Uva, We love you, Megan, Promise, McKinsie, Promise and Molly Mcq
All journal entries

A huge package arrived....

Posted on: 3 months ago

OMD!!! Dear friends, the mailman came yesterday with a big package. A present came safely to my house all the way up from Montana. It is a beautiful calendar, so so colorful! And there are some notes written on it. I really enjoyed reading them. Dear Megan, McKinsie, Promise, Molly and Mommy Judy gave me this lovely surprise.Thank you so much friends!!! Megan wrote a sweet lette


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  • Unnamed (Apr 21st 2:13 am)
  • REESE (2 days ago)

    We're praying you and your family are all safe and sound after that big earthquake yesterday! Please bark soon to let us know what's going on, sweetie! God Bless and Happy Easter to you! Reese and Angel Meika

  • Hannah Banana (3 days ago)

    Hi there Uva, how are you my furiend. Mom said you'll get a package of...... Well just a package . I've been doing good and spending lots of time with mom which means lots of car rides and outings. I miss you little one. I wish you a happy and blessed Easter weekend.

  • T.J. (1 week ago)

    You are welcome, Happy Sunday to you, hugs T. J. !

  • Daisy Nae (1 week ago)

    Hi I'm Daisy, the black Doxie. Sis Amber has short hair and often wears her fleece to stay warm ;-)

  • T.J. (2 weeks ago)

    Have a great day, hugs

  • Hannah Banana (3 weeks ago)

    Hi Uva, how are you doing. I really have to bite mom in the butt for not barking at you. You are always a good friend to me. What's your weather like now. How's the family and furiends. I hope you have a really good week. have lot's of fun everyday because if you have fun you can see your mom sneaking a little giggle from something you did that makes her happy. Here's a big

  • Keri, Jondalar and Muffin, our precious Angels (3 weeks ago)

    Thank you, Uva, for your sweet Birthday Wishes for me, and for those delicious Birthday Treats and adorable Birthday Bear, too! Love, Muffin

  • Andy and Barney (3 weeks ago)

    Hello, Uva! Oh, thank you very much! We hope Moio had a great International Cat Day! We did because of you! Here is a little something for Moio, and for you, too, sweetie! Hello to Moio, and hugs and purrs and kisses to you! Love, Andy and Barney

  • Molly (3 weeks ago)

    No problem, I love making new friends! :D And thanks for loving all my pictures :)

  • ORBI (4 weeks ago)


  • The Boyz (4 weeks ago)

    Hey my pal. How are things? We received a valentines day card yesterday in the mail from you! Thanks for the love Uva! Doesn't matter if it's late it' the thought that counts! It is a rainy day here and we boyz are just gonna chill. thanks agian amigo for thinking of us. Adios

  • Joey (Joe Cool) (1 month ago)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day sweet Uva and may the luck of the Irish always be with you my friend...

  • Megan (1 month ago)

    Hola Dear Uva and Mom...Just wanted to stop by and let you know we miss you and love you guys...the snow has been so mch here, for so long its been a cold hard winter, and today we had sun all day, and the snow is melting, it is suppose to be sunny all week, so we are looking forward to that, and getting outside and chasing the ball...we hope all is well at your house, and we hope you can come and play with me soon, when it gets warm enough for a couple of more months the new baby horses will be born, and the weather will be wonderful...We still have your beautiful Valentine card out and look at it every day, knowing that we love you guys in Mexico........Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and know how much we love you ..Hope you are enjoying your Calendar and know we are thinking of you every day....Love Megan and Mom, and all the rest of my sisters

  • Zoey (1 month ago)

    Hi Uva Thank you for being my friend!

  • Hannah Banana (1 month ago)

    Hi there Uva. How's your weekend going. Mine is okay, I'm back with Monty until the 17th because moms pet sitting for Jaden. The time will pass quick, plus she comes to see me everyday. Have a great rest of the weekend. Love you.

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