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Uva (Chihuahua)
Current Mood Chill
Age 4 years
Birthday January 19, 2010
Gender Female
Favorite Toy I love to play with my brother, a cat named Moio
Favorite Activity Sunbathing in the garden
Number of Friends 156
100 Friend BadgeScamp - Aware but dangerous!


Hello! I'm Uva!

Chatting with Moio

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Mary Sergeeva

about me

Hello, my name is Uva. I am a small size black Chihuahueña. I was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. I live in the cold side of the city (well, not that cold). I don't like to wear sweaters, though. My mom makes me a lot. I live with my mom and dad and two sisters. I like to play with them and also with my doggy sister and cat brother. I get along great with Moio (the cat). I love to smell the air, I find it interesting. I like to look for worms  and  romp over them. I'm shy and I don't like people to get close to me, that is maybe because my family spoils me. My mom likes it because in that way nobody can not take me away. When my mom walks me people usually ask what breed I am. Mom hates this!! It good be nice to know if there are other black Chihuahueños some place since it seems we're not so common where I live!    
-- Uva means grape in English --

I'll be so happy to get friends all around the world!!!!
I speak Spanish so I might make some mistakes, sorry!! But I'll do my best!!!

latest gifts and journal entries

The Joy of Sharing from Jessie Belle
Thank you fur being such a sweet friend...xoxoxo
Bear Letter from Gracie Mae
Thank you for making my birthday so happy, Uva! Love, Gracie
Easter Bunny from Holly
Happy Easter, Uva! Love, Holly and Family
All journal entries

Thank you sooo much Hannah Banana !!!!

Posted on: 3 weeks ago

Aaaww pawfriends, look what Hannah Banana sent me!!! Presents, presents, beautiful presents. I just love them all, and my family too.  The new mailman came and said: "Uva?????" with a question mark face, and my daddy answered "yes, our lovely furbaby". The man got delighted. A little doggy like me getting such a big envelope, hehehehe!!! I am a lucky girl! I also got this picture of Ange...


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  • Unnamed (Jul 24th 1:58 am)
  • Jessie Belle (2 days ago)

    Dear Uva...oh amiga, Mom showed me the Birthday card you sent! Pawsome!!! We all love it and thank you so very much for remembering my special day. It is so nice to have special friends like you.

  • Andy and Barney (1 week ago)

    Hi, Uva! We are sorry it has taken us so long to meow to you and Moio! We send our love and hope you are having a fun summertime so far! Love, Andy and Barney

  • Angel Foley Monster (2 weeks ago)

    You are so sweet to send me a card. Thank you so much. I will do everything I can to stop the rain my friend.

  • Pocket Monster and River Song (3 weeks ago)

    Thank you Uva

  • Sarah & Misty (3 weeks ago)

    Hi! I hope you're having a spectacular 4th of july weekend and getting lots of treats! Stay Safe! Sarah & Misty

  • Leo (3 weeks ago)

    sorry your getting a lot of rain... I am not a fan of the rain us dont like getting wet.... Oh so glad you liked the Tennis Balls The Bostons Girls and I wanted you to have some... as Brooklyn loved playing with her tennis balls and she wanted to share her joy of playing with them with her friends... Try to stay dry my friend.... Hope you have a wonderful week....

  • Megan (3 weeks ago)

    Hello Dear Uva and Mom....thank you so much for the lovely Birthday cards for Molly and Promise, they were delighted as well as Mommy was. think you for remembering thier Birhtdays, Promise sent us a Rainbow yesterday, we have a beautiful picture of it....her hello hug from the bridge...Hope all is well with you and your family, know that we think of you every day, and will forever love you...

  • Pintus (3 weeks ago)

    Ah querida Uva !!!! no sabes el gusto que nos va a dar verte y olerte....jejejeje. Nos ponemos de acuerdo por inbox. Descansa pequeñita y hasta pronto

  • Run of the Speed Demon "Nike" (3 weeks ago)

    Thank you two times and back at you. bol. Collie kisses, Nike

  • Hannah Banana (3 weeks ago)

    yay.... Yay... You got it.... WOO HOO. Okay, the tennis balls are from Angels Brooklyn and all her sibling and Leo. The Loofa or "Boo Boo's are from me because you barked that you liked them sooo much. That's what I like to do is get my furiends what they want. Stop by Leo's page for a thanks to him for thinking of this great idea. I still have a lot of balls to mail out, whew..... Love you my furiend.

  • Pintus (1 month ago)

    Uva querida, gracias por tus felicitaciones, sabes he estado pensando que un dia de estos nos deberiamos de reunir y tomar fotos y compartirlas con nuestros amigos mutuos, es una pena que solo siendo dos miembros activos de México no nos reunamos y compartamos juntos.

  • Hannah Banana (1 month ago)

    Oh man Uva I haven't barked in two months. I have to do better, I'm sorry my furiend. So how are you doing. I'm good and my hip is better. I hope you have a great week my furiend.

  • KOLE (2 months ago)

    Hello,my sweet friend! So happy to hear you and your family are safe and sound after those 2 quakes! Reese and I are doing the Snoopy Dance and asked Angel Meika to watch over you! (Reese says we asked our worry doll to help you, too!) Reese and I had a fun bonding weekend- we went to some of Reese's favorite running fields and we chased each other around a lot! It's nice to feel loved in my new forever home, and it helps to have so many sweet friends, like you, too! you stay safe and bark back when you can! Reese sends his love and to you! Love and hugs, Kole

  • KOLE (2 months ago)

    Buenos dias, Uva! Glad to meet you, too! I'm happy to have a new family and I just finished my first week here- so far, so good! We heard there was an earthquake near you- is everything ok? Is everyone in your family safe? We hope so! Looking forward to getting to know you better! Reese send his love and hugs, and so do I! Keep safe and bark when you can! Angel Meika will be flying by to watch over you, too! BBS!

  • Joey (Joe Cool) (2 months ago)

    Hi Uva...Always happy to hear from you and I hope the rains are gone for you...Rain and storms don't bother me I just don't like the snow I get lost in it...My family celebrates every holiday we just like to get everyone together...Glad you had a good day with your family...Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend...Oh by the way we celebrate Mother's day this weekend BOL!!!Love to all Joey...

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