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Maximus (Doberman Pinscher)
Current Mood Playful
Age 6 years
Birthday May 5, 2008
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Anything that squeaks or moves, mama's slippers, and especially the flashlight.
Favorite Activity Playing, jumping, messin' with my sister, and just bein' a pup.
Number of Friends 76

about me

I'm a very young man but I'm already a spoiled brat, along with my sister, a Spanish Greyhound named Chelsea.  My dad loves takin' me to the vet clinics because of all the attention the female vet techs give him. doesn't know about that, though! ;p  I loved, loved, loved the doggie park when we lived in Florida but now that we're in Virginia, it's lots of chasing a squeky, tennis ball in my big, back yard and meeting all the neighborhood kids when we go for walks.  Mama calls me goofy b/c I love to chase the lightbeam from the flashlight and don't tell dad, but when he leaves for work in the morning, mama lets me be her snugglebunny in their bed....told ya I was spoiled!!! ;p

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