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Benson (Boxer)
Current Mood Bored
Age 8 years
Birthday September 19, 2006
Gender Male
Number of Friends 67
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My name is Benson

about me

 I'm a 2 year old pure bread boxer dog who likes acting strange!!

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Posted on: 6 years ago

i just got washed out in the sun... Nice!!!


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  • Unnamed (Dec 20th 12:53 pm)
  • Angel Apollo Xavier (2003-2009) (5 years ago)

    happy bark-day

  • Angel Apollo Xavier (2003-2009) (5 years ago)

    Hi Benson, How are you? Mom is so busy this summer she can't take a vacation so she decided we would take a virtual vacation here on doggyspace. We want to go to as many places as we can. Mom said she thinks we can travel 200 thousand miles this summer. I think she's nuts but I'm up for her game. Mom would like to know where in South Carolina you live so she can put down how many miles we traveled to see you. Bol...yes now I know she's nuts. I have brought a ball so we can play a little bit and if you don't mind please tell mom one thing she can do while we are there

  • Romy (6 years ago)

    Hey Benson, Are you still bored? I saw your handsome picture on my friends list and thought I'd check in and say "Hi". Hope you are having a good life! Ice & snow here, and I am lovin' it! I keep dragging my Dad & Mom outdoors! Happy woofs n barks from your DS friend, Romy

  • Morena (6 years ago)

    Strange? What's that? We as boxers, are entitled to certain little differences, if you will, from the average dog personality. I think it's probably because we are nearly human - and you know how strange humans can be! Celebrate your strangeness, my friend! Your fellow unusual one, Morena

  • Coby (6 years ago)

    Hey Benson, glad ta meetcha. Who decides what is strange? We dogs are allowed to have our "quirks", aren't we??!! Maybe your humans need to get you some new toys. I like to play with stuffed animals that make real animal sounds. Me and dogsis Annabelle tug until we pull them apart. Mom is not so amused. but she either sews 'em or buys more. We have a toybox full, but the old ones are best. They stink the most!! Stay cool dogfriend!

  • Cheyanne (6 years ago)

    Hello Benson, you are very handsome!! Thanks for being friends!!

  • Santana (6 years ago)

    Yay! Another Boxer pal. Hi Benson, glad to meet you. I'm a purebred Boxer too & my mommy thinks I kinda look like you :) Thanks for being my friend.

  • Belle & Amber- Southern Gals (6 years ago)

    Hey there Benson, we have a neighbor named Sadie and she's a purebred Boxer too. She's a little kooky acting too- must be a Boxer thing. Thanks for wanting to be pals, you can never have too many of those...bye for now, your Southern girlfriends.

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