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Totti (RIP) & Foxy (Mixed)
Current Mood Sad
Age 12 years
Birthday July 2, 2002
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Totti: A pinky hard plastic bone; Foxy: A green plastic beer bottle
Favorite Activity Mama throws the bone and the bottle and we pick it up
Number of Friends 491
100 Friend BadgeRunt - Not too shy to talk!


We are 9.5 years old mongreals and were born in Hong Kong !!

Dachshund Cartoon 2

about me

My mama and father adopted me (Totti) when I was 3 months old and adopted Foxy when he was 6 months old. We look very similar and a lot of people think that we are brothers. Mama and father treat us very well and give us a lot of treats everyday. Sometimes we go hiking and sailing together. Please go to see our pictures.

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Angel from Keri, Jondalar and Muffin, our precious Angels
Here is an angel for our handsome Angel friend, Totti...Love, Angels Keri, Buddy, Jondalar and Muffin; Gracie Mae, Holly, Keegan, Andy and Barney
Heart from Duffy and Angel Simba
God bless you our dear friend.
Angel from Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl)
Dear Totti we're sending you an angel to look over you and your family until you're all together again. Love, Molly and my Mom
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Totti passed away for a month

Posted on: 8 months ago

Hi all,   A month ago of today, Totti passed away in sudden. We did a cremanation for him. His ash and a nice picture of him is besides my wedding picture. I still miss him a lot and feels that part of my heart was broken. . Foxy is fine and sometimes we feel that he may feel a bit lonely without Totti with him.     I hope he enjoys in the Rainbow Bridge with hi


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  • Unnamed (Dec 21st 4:29 pm)
  • REESE (6 months ago)

    You're most welcome, buddy! hope you and your family have a safe, cool and Happy !

  • REESE (6 months ago)

    Happy Birthday, Angel Totti and Foxy! Reese, Angel Meika, and Kole

  • Buddy, our precious Angel (6 months ago)

    Happy Birthday, Foxy and Angel Totti! Love, Angels Buddy, Keri, Muffin and Jondalar; Gracie Mae, Holly, Keegan, Andy and Barney

  • Angel Foley Monster (6 months ago)

    A huge party at the Bridge for you today our friend. Bridge birthday parties are the best. You can eat all the things they wouldn't let you eat on the mortal side of the Bridge. Bring you dancing paws

  • T.J. (8 months ago)

    Sending thought and prayers your way, so sorry T. J. !

  • REESE (9 months ago)

    May God Bless you and your family! We are saddened by your loss and are sending prayers and well-wishes to your family! We lost my sister, Angel Meika, last month, so we're here for you, if you wanna bark! Love and hugs, Reese and Dad-Jeff

  • Duffy and Angel Simba (9 months ago)

    Devastated. No words to speak our sorrow. God bless Totti. More later, Rachel, to you, personally.

  • Cinnamon (9 months ago)

    Love to you all at this sad time. xx

  • Angel Foley Monster (9 months ago)

    So sorry to hear of Totti's loss. Our heart breaks for you. We love you all. Totti is with Foley now. They are running, playing and having a great time. Bless you Totti.

  • Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl) (9 months ago)

    Dear Angel Totti and family. There just aren't words to express how sorry we are to learn of your passing. We will be saying prayers to ease your family's heartache. Love, Molly and my Mom

  • sweet angel Amber Rose 12/31/96-11/6/12 (9 months ago)

    We are very sad to learn of Totti's passing. We all know how hard it is to lose our furbabies and we send our deepest sympathies. They take piece of our hearts with them. Fly free, Totti.

  • Cinnamon (10 months ago)

    Hello Totti and Foxy, how are you going?

  • Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl) (1 year ago)

    OOOH Thank-you dear furiends for your sweet comment on my harness my Mom made me. We've missed you this year and hope all is well. Is Mamma and Father still working so hard? Love, Molly and Mom

  • Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl) (1 year ago)

    OOOH dear Furfuriends it is sooo wonderful to hear you guys barking again!!! We hope things are going well there. Take care and bark when you can. Love, Molly and my Mom

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