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Master Chief (Golden Retriever)
Current Mood Jolly
Age 7 years
Birthday October 25, 2007
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Bone Bone (rawhide bone), Tennis balls, anything squeaky
Favorite Activity Playing ball
Number of Friends 86


It's me, Chiefy! 

about me

Hi!  My name's Master Chief but everybody calls me Chief or Chiefy!  I am a Golden Retriever, and even though I'm big, I'm still a puppy!  Sometimes I get SO excited and I knock people over, like my Aunt Heidi or my Granddogma, but I just love when they come to visit me!  I also love to visit my sissy, Halo - she lives just down the street at my other Grandma's house!  We wrestle and swim in the pool together!  We were both Christmas presents and I love when my Momma sings me Christmas songs. 

Here are the tricks I know:

  • Sit

  • Lay Down

  • Come Here

  • Stay

  • Shake

  • High Five

  • Roll Over

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New pics!

Posted on: 6 years ago

9-16-08: Hey everybody, Momma added some new pictures of me - check them out! -Chief


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  • Unnamed (Dec 19th 9:36 pm)
  • Cindy (3 years ago)

    Chief hoping you enjoy your very special day!!! happy barkday to you!!! we hope you are well and we miss you!!

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