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Bourgeois (Pug)
Current Mood Tired
Age 9 years
Birthday January 31, 2005
Gender Male
Favorite Toy The one mom brings home from Walmart everytime she goes.
Favorite Activity Making my mom chase me around our big field in the front
Number of Friends 138
100 Friend Badge
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I have been out of the loop for awhile because my mom has been busy with school. She promised me that she would take my pic of me with my costume on this week. I hope it is a better looking picture.

about me

I am 3 years old. I love to pull my toys out and play with them everyday. I have yet to figure out how to put them away but I do hide them all over the house. I have two pug sisters and a Australian Shepherd sister that thinks she is a pug. My mom and dad treat her like a pug too so she is the honorary pug. I love riding in the truck and hanging out with my family. I enjoy long tractor rides and going fast on our go cart.

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Travelin with family due to Hurricane Gustav

Posted on: 6 years ago

I have been out of pocket the last week and have not had time to look at my space with my family. We left town due to the hurricane. I stayed in Nashville one night and now I am in Evansville, Indiana. I will be leaving to go home tomorrow. I can not wait to get home. I did meet a new pug friend and her name is Tubbers.  I will let you know how things are around my home when I get home.


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