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Diesel (Yorkshire Terrier)
Current Mood Silly
Age 8 years
Birthday October 24, 2006
Gender Male
Favorite Toy all of them (I don't like to share)
Number of Friends 1415
1k Friend Badge
Daisy Belle
Hi, My name is Daisy. I am looking for some new friends
Friends 1341
Hi, my name is Nitro. I am looking for some new friends.
Friends 1330


Hi, my name is Diesel. I am looking for some new friends

about me

Hi, my name is Diesel.I like to play with my sister Daisy and brother Nitro (they both know i'm the boss!!) I like to be right by my mommy side. she loves to play with me.

Halloween-wallpaper13-4.jpg picture by DSchipin

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Birthday Cake from Jake the Rake
Have a wonderful birthday!
Birthday Cake from The Golden Girls: Guinevere (rt), DaisyMae (lt), Angel Misha
Have a great Birthday!!! Love, Gun and Daisy
Birthday Cake from Unnamed
Happy Birthday, Diesel!
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I got my package from my santa paw.

Posted on: 3 days ago

I am so excite, I got my package from my santa paw. Wow it is huge, the box is bigger then me. Thank you so much. My daddy is being a grinch and will not let me open it till christmas. thank you agian, I know I will love it. yorkie kisses, Diesel


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  • Unnamed (Dec 22nd 9:53 am)
  • Secret Paw 2014 (1 day ago)

    Hi Diesel, well did dad give in? Thanks for the Christmas card! If not I'll give you another clue. I was named from a character in a movie but I'm no lady. Our nicknames are from an old tv sitcom.

  • Mia (3 days ago)

    Happy Christmas

  • Secret Paw 2014 (5 days ago)

    Hi Diesel, how is your day? Well did you sniff me out? I think the clues were pretty easy. HeHeHe. Don't worry if you haven't guessed me out yet. Your pkg. should be arriving very soon and there is a final clue in the box. Just don't eat the clue ok. Let your mom or dad eat it. Plus there is a big hint on the outside and no it's not the post mark. I got to say it has been fun coming up with new clues. Love, your secret Santa.

  • Secret Paw 2014 (1 week ago)

    Hi Diesel, it's me fumble paws, I mean your secret Santa. I was just checking to,see if you were on your paws BOL. I am sorry for my mess up. Really it was my secretary. I wanted to let you know your package is in the mail. The post office said you should get it by Saturday. I think I could deliver it faster but I live Over 900 miles from you. My paws would be really sore. Let me see if I got one more clue for you in my Santa bag.............ok I got one for you ready? My fur is 2 colors. i might fit in with all the lady retirees in Florida. There is one more clue I sent you in the box in case you still don't have a guess. Have fun sniffing me out.

  • Secret Paw 2014 (2 weeks ago)

    Hi Diesel, here's another clue for you: I'm a girl. More clues coming. Love you!

  • Secret Paw 2014 (3 weeks ago)

    Hi Diesel, Did you guess me yet? I'm having fun shopping and coming up with clues for you.

  • Angel Tommy Tunes 6/6/97 - 8/28/14 (2 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Diesel!!! Angel Tommy, Freddy & Dad

  • REESE (2 months ago)

    Hello, Diesel! We all wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy 9th birthday tomorrow! Hope your special day is sunny, fun and full of love and presents! Stay safe, dear firend and God Bless! Reese, angel Meika and Kole

  • Jake the Rake (2 months ago)

    Happy Birthday to my little buddy!!!

  • Pocket Monster and River Song (2 months ago)

    Happy birthday Cutie

  • Keegan (2 months ago)

    Happy Birthday, Diesel! Love, Keegan, Gracie Mae, Holly, Andy, Barney, Angel Buddy, Angel Keri, Angel Muffin and Angel Jondalar

  • Kane and Daisy (2 months ago)

    Happy birthday, Mr. Diesel!

  • Cinnamon (4 months ago)

    hello Diesel, pleased to meet you. xx

  • Hannah Banana (12 months ago)

    Hi Diesel just came by to say thanks so much for the Christmas package with sooooooo much stuff mom got tired. Thank you again for spoiling Monty too, he looks forward to packages since I am usually with him while mom's pet sitting. Mom will put the videos on my site when she gets her jet pack from Monty's tomorrow. Love you

  • Hannah Banana (1 year ago)

    D..I..E..S..E..L, Thank you

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