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Diesel (Yorkshire Terrier)
Current Mood Silly
Age 7 years
Birthday October 24, 2006
Gender Male
Favorite Toy all of them (I don't like to share)
Number of Friends 1412
1k Friend Badge
Daisy Belle
Hi, My name is Daisy. I am looking for some new friends
Friends 1338
Hi, my name is Nitro. I am looking for some new friends.
Friends 1327


Hi, my name is Diesel. I am looking for some new friends

about me

Hi, my name is Diesel.I like to play with my sister Daisy and brother Nitro (they both know i'm the boss!!) I like to be right by my mommy side. she loves to play with me.

Halloween-wallpaper13-4.jpg picture by DSchipin

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Birthday Cake from Unnamed
Happy Birthday, Diesel!
Birthday Cake from Unnamed
Happy Birthday! ~The Rat Pack~
Franky from Blazer
Since you like Frankie so much, here is one for your very own! Love, Blazer
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I got a package from my secret summer paw

Posted on: 1 month ago

My sister Daisy and I got a package from are secret summer paw. It was filled with all kinds of wonderful stuff. We got a cute momkey and a cool gumby toy. how fun is that. we also got 2 bags of yummy treats and a super cute card.Thank you so much!!! we love everything. Here are a few pictures.( sorry I do not have any pictures of Daisy. She was not having the flashly box today)Thanks again!!We th...


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